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Comment: Re:c++? (Score 1) 281

I tend to agree, C++ gets its popularity just because you can code normal C in in it, but it does very little to put you in an OO mindset, you can use OO principles if you choose to do so, but thats it.
The issue that I have with C++ is the syntax get cluttered with symbols. ->, *, :: , >>, etc... When you are proficient at the language, they make sense, however while learning it, or having to relearn, after a period of inactivity, it isn't like riding a bike... You do forget, and have to relearn it again.

Comment: Re:One way into mobile market (Score 2) 92

Am I the only one who is generally confused by Intel Marketing and rebranding blitz on their products.

Back in the olden day, We had 286, 386, 486... Life was easy, sure there was the SX vs DX (Math-co-processor addition). Then instead of the 586 we got the Pentium. Then is the Pentium pro the 686 or was that the Pentium 2. Then they added the budget Celeron to the name, but still it made sense. Finally at a point where the Ghz peaked around 3ghz, We got the Core and the Core Dual, then the Core 2, after the Core 2, intel swapped to using the i3, i5, and i7, and with a new number scheme.
Now they are doing this with the Atom, so we are just adding to the confusion.
I just want a simple method to knowing what I am running on and if I need my processor upgraded. That i5 runs faster than the 3 year old i7. If I want to upgrade, I may not want the newest but 1 generation behind. But it is so much harder to figure it out now.

Comment: Re:YES (Score 1) 366

by jellomizer (#49165645) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

Well there is danger, as some "facts" are politically motivated.
Liberal values, tend to see things as dangerous. The dangers of GMO food (While there is so proven science to show otherwise), Chemical whatever when used in a consumer good must be bad, because if you drink it in raw form you will die...

Conservative values, tend to lead to things being safe, Global Warming is not caused by Humans, The chemicals that we pump into your water supply is safe.

Points evidence or lack of evidence is often explained as a conspiracy by their opponents to keep the truth away from us. (Sometimes this is true, smoking, lead, etc...) Other times it is just hoping it isn't the case and delaying the process until real evidence comes out.

Especially if it is rather new, much of the science is just in the hypothesis state, and probably just started recording data. There isn't facts, but a lot of opinions, worded as fact.

Now Google as an institution is left leaning. While their intentions may be good and not trying to push a political agenda, their algorithm will closely match what how their brains would match facts vs bluster, thus creating a subconscious autonomous political leaning system.

Comment: Re:Trek is Outdated. (Score 1) 218

by jellomizer (#49165417) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

See my point. You are blaming capitalism on all our problems, however as of right now, increase trade and free market shows a reduction of war. When countries get isolated from free trade, they get more and more radicalized, as their exposure to other people become limited.

The human condition is to stick with the people you know the best. Trade, is what brings us out of our little world, to talk to other who are not like us. What would happen if we solve world hunger and the scarcity of supplies across the world, we would all cluster in our own little worlds, without having to talk to those folks not like us. Humanity like what is comfortable and safe. If we have all of our needs met, we will just cluster with our particular cliches.

Comment: Complaining on the Internet, Makes you feel good (Score 1) 191

by jellomizer (#49164677) Attached to: That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was

Sure you complain on the internet, you join a group of others doing the same thing, you feel like you are part of some grand movement... However you just some whispers in the wind.
In short you may get some media notice, But if the grand scheme comes down to the hard numbers.

Comment: Trek is Outdated. (Score 1) 218

by jellomizer (#49164443) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

The Utopian future where technology solves our issues, is so 1960's and not modern anymore. Thus Treks vision is outdated. Can we get past racism? and we can probably get past a few of our artificially imposed issues. But to get this Utopian future (Or any Utopian Future) You need a massive buy in from a huge majority (I say over 90%), who are willing to have the same goal.

A common problem that we have, we think, if everyone thinks about the issues the same way that I have then we will be so much better off. But that is the issue, not everyone will see things that same way, and will have different views, and they will be just as insistent that there way is just as good if not better then yours.

Comment: I AM SICK OF ZOMBIES! (Score 2, Insightful) 231

Zombies are worse than Pirates and Ninjas!

Zombies are not REAL, Zombies as an exercise isn't realistic, as you just applying basic game rules to a model.

Zombies as a literary element is about a lone or a few people against a mindless horde. So we can feel good that a guy with intelligence 1 standard deviation from the mean, can be victorious against such a hord, by outsmarting them. So us normal people feel good about ourselves, that we can somehow be better than the rest of the population.

This meme needs to go away, it is old and tiresome.

Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 4, Insightful) 407

by jellomizer (#49149077) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

We can't emotionally morn for people who we have no connection too. We can just not like it as an academic point.
While Actors and Actresses aren't any more deserving for life then the children of the "third world", their work as affected our lives, thus we have more of an emotional bond to them.
The character of Spock that Leonard Nimoy played affected most of us. Spock was a good role model, kept his cool, fearless, and intelligent. Also Spock was the first few Aliens portrayed on TV who were the good guys.

+ - Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek,' Dies->

Submitted by jellomizer
jellomizer (103300) writes "The New York Times seems to be one of the few sites to report that. "
Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.""

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Cheaper in Vietnam (Score 3, Interesting) 85

by jellomizer (#49146935) Attached to: Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China

This shows the danger of the Race To the Bottom concept.

US/European Manufacturing cannot have dirt cheap labor, but it still isn't dead. Western Manufacturing is value add manufacturing. While you may pay more per device, your device will have a lower refund rate, or more automation on the line, where product are more constantly completed.

However for the countries who are getting business from just being the cheapest, means once someone can be cheaper than you, then you are out of business, with a population of unskilled -semi-skilled workers out of work, and probably desperate (and that makes them dangerous) and a debt of an expensive infrastructure that hasn't been paid off yet.

Living in upstate NY, I have seen the effect of a manufacturing losses. Where in the 1970-1980's most jobs started to get shipped overseas, because they were cheaper, and the Pre-WWII buildings and infrastructure wasn't adequate. (We can discuss politics too... However that is still open to a lot of debate). Most towns economy was dependent on one large company once that company leaves the town dies. Because the old manufacturing was only about units out. That can be pushed anywhere. Now that US Manufacturing is slowly coming back, it is about more than cost per unit, but other factors as well... And these new manufacturing are no longer so vital to the economy, that the area can survive after it.

Comment: Re:Simple methodology (Score 2) 347

by jellomizer (#49141687) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

Well a good manager, will work with the developer and give them clear deliverables, adequate milestone achievements even if these milestones may not look like much. Then we can give a good estimate.

A Bad manager will toss out a pie in the sky grand vision that does something. So the programmer will need to go back and rework idea over idea, going back and improving on the design.... So this will take a worse case scenario.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone