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Comment: Re:eBay has great solutions! (Score 1) 370

by artificial_grey (#22663010) Attached to: eBay Battles Power Sellers
Guess the mods have moved to more recent stories - cause this was an obvious troll. Most seasoned Ebayers know that Ebay won't do anything about retaliatory feedback (and I never said they would), but it doesn't mean it's an allowed or ethical practice - you're not educating anyone here. Judging from your needlessly smartassed comments, it would appear you are a seller of questionable ethics with a attitude of entitlement - which is probably why Ebay's plan to stop sellers from giving retaliatory feedback obviously angers you. Your post just proves to solidify that buyers do need protection from sellers with the same attitude as you.

+ - One-third of employees violate company IT policies->

Submitted by BaCa
BaCa (666) writes "A national survey of U.S. white-collar workers commissioned by the nonprofit, independent organization ISACA has found that more than one-third (35%) of employees have violated their company's IT policies at least once and that nearly one-sixth (15%) of employees have used peer-to-peer file sharing at least once at their place of business, opening the door to security breaches and placing sensitive business and personal information at risk."
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Technology (Apple)

+ - Apple Sends 3rd Grader Cease And Desist Letter->

Submitted by Arguendo
Arguendo (931986) writes "Apparently Apple needs to stop sending its fan mail to the legal department: "Like any nine-year-old, Shea O'Gorman spends a lot of time listening to her iPod Nano. So much so, that when her third grade class started learning about writing letters she thought, who better to write to than the man whose company makes her iPod." So she wrote Apple a letter, and Apple responded by telling her to stop sending ideas and, if you want to know why, take a look at our legal policy on our web site. Nice."
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+ - Microsoft readies 9 patches for tomorrow

Submitted by RenQuanta
RenQuanta (3274) writes "Security professionals should be on their toes tomorrow (the second Tuesday of the month already!) as Microsoft has revealed they're preparing to release nine patches, "Six of [which] address vulnerabilities that have a maximum severity rating of 'critical', Microsoft's highest alert level. The remaining three patches all carry a maximum rating of 'important'." The vulnerabilies cover a spread of MS' applications including Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player, and Office."

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