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Comment: Re:I'm surrounded by morons (Score 0) 613

by artao (#48296391) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
Indeed!!! The length of the day is the length of the day. PERIOD! No clock change alters that. What gets me is that people don't seem to understand that Noon is when the sun passes the meridian, i.e.-the sun is due south (local noon, not by time zones of course) Daylight "Savings" Time alters this such that noon on the clock is actually 11am by the sun ... This throws off our circadian rhythms and attunement to nature.

Comment: Model Aircraft, yes!! They aren't drones (Score 1) 199

by artao (#47315403) Attached to: FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones
One thing that bothers me and other model aircraft hobbyists and enthusiasts is the insistence on calling model aircraft "drones".
This post at one point says, "..... policy on drones, or what the agency calls "model aircraft." " .....
You know what? They've been model aircraft for over 50 years now. Why have we started calling them "drones"? .. To inflate fear, that's why.
So call them what they are. Model aircraft. They are NOT drones. Knock it off. Seriously.

Comment: ISON didn't "vanish", and DID emerge (Score 1) 49

by artao (#46951361) Attached to: The Strange Death of Comet Ison
This write-up is misleading.
It states, "But as astronomers watched on the evening of 28 November, the brightly flaring Ison moved behind the Sun but never emerged."
That is wrong. ISON DID in fact emerge. Just not as a cohesive comet. What emerged was a "fan" of dust and debris.
It's not like ISON simply disappeared with no trace and no one saw it.

Comment: Let's start a petition to stop this abomination (Score 1) 326

by artao (#43900197) Attached to: <em>Green Lantern</em> Writer To Pen Blade Runner Sequel
This should not be happening. With any luck, this abomination-train can be derailed. Hollywood has gone too far this time. Blade Runner is sacrosanct. There is NO room for a 'sequel', and I sure hope there is no market for one either. Blade Runner is. That is enough. No more is needed or wanted. Let's get together and send a message to Hollywood that enough is enough. Let's put a STOP to this abomination.

Comment: Re:Is this how they are covering up airbursts? (Score 2) 93

by artao (#43803857) Attached to: Missile Test Creates Huge Expanding Halo of Light Over Hawaii
This was not a nuke. The missle was unarmed. It was a flight and systems test. One thing the article fails to point out is the the fuel in the third stage is hypergolic. It is two parts, monomethylhydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, which ignite upon contact. SO!! One can only assume that upon a fuel dump, there would be ignition which, it seems to me, would fully and totally explain this expanding cloud of glow.

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