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Comment: Re:Would they just put up with it for a key hire? (Score 1) 319

by ark1 (#47052935) Attached to: FBI Need Potheads To Fight Cybercrime

Assuming you've got a track record as a top-notch white hat hacker and security guy and you had some unique experience/skill mix that the FBI really felt they needed, would they just kind of put up with it, maybe/especially if you lived in a state like Colorado or had a medical card in California?

How do companies like Apple/Oracle/Google/MS/Amazon handle it in California now? My first hand experience and everything I've read in the media makes pot seem pretty well accepted in California and there's certainly a counter-culture kind of attitude among a lot of technology people. If you get recruited to Google because you're something special, do they give you a piss test and then tell you they won't hire you?

If you are a world class mathematician, NSA will hire you without the traditional polygraph. Under these circumstances they will likely invest more on the field investigation which are fairly expensive but for exceptional individuals likely worth the extra $$$.

Comment: If NASA were an ISP... (Score 3, Funny) 307

by ark1 (#46657287) Attached to: Should NASA Send Astronauts On Voluntary One-Way Missions?
A recruitment ad could look something like this:

Aspiring Astronaut, why join NASA?
-Experience blazing speed* inside one of our rockets
-Survivor rate up to 100%
-Professional customer support associate available 24/7.

*Upload speed may be significantly faster than download back to Earth, other conditions apply.

Comment: T-shirts not that unusual (Score 1) 2

by ark1 (#44997637) Attached to: Security Researchers Rewarded with $12.50 Voucher to Buy Yahoo T-Shirt
Receiving company t-shirts as a symbolic gesture/compensation for discovering vulnerabilities is not that unheard of. However, in those cases there is an actual t-shirt (sometimes personalized) sent as a gesture of recognition not a lousy voucher. I feel yahoo will make them whole in one or another to get some PR points with this story. In the end, I guess a voucher is still better than an army of lawyers coming after you.

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