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Comment: Cooperating Agents (Score 1) 328

by arhuman (#1069076) Attached to: What AI Elements Would Improve the Web?
I thing that the main difficulty/need on the net is to find pertinent info ! Search engines exists but indexing isn't enough for me, in particular the info has to be 'rated'(evaluated) to be truly usable. In fact I'd like an agent which would provides me some links and enhance his evaluating function with my feedback ! but to be even more efficient this agent should reevaluate his function with other agents of the same family... Let's imagine that Agents exchange 'links' and Evaluation function parameters... (GA comes to mind...) Each agent should be able to evolve and make its evaluation function better using other agents parameters... I mean If agentA gives another agent (AgentB)'good' sites (sites well rated by AgentB user feedback) , AgentB should use AgentA parameters (combine with its own) to ehance the evaluation function... GA for the evaluation function tuning Neural network for the evaluation (Neural network should be efficient for site rating -> Input=request , output=URL : evaluation=user rating...) Don't you have enough to play with ? BTW : When I say evaluation function you could even think indexing functions...

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