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Comment Windows Blue (Score 1) 253

In other news, Microsoft announced today the release of Microsoft Windows Blue. This is a version of Windows to run all kinds of aerial vehicles,
from the Airbus A400M to the smallest 4-rotor drone. Contrary to rumors, the "Blue" has to do with the color of the sky, not the color of the
computer screen when ....

Comment Re:Goodbye Retailers. Goodbye couriers. (Score 1) 110

My Robot Avatar will then go to work instead of me; I can sit at home and watch TV,
eat potato chips (delivered by courier), and get Fat. I die at age 30 of obesity and
diabetes. This is good because a growing, young population is good for business.

I haven't figured out, though, if my Avatar will do the sex thing for me.

Comment In their shoes (Score 1) 230

You call and report this vulnerability. You think you are a hero. But look at it from their point of view.

First they verify the problem, and its true. Now they know at least ONE person, you, knows about it. Do you think
they are going to tell you "we been aware of it for three years, but no one knew..." or maybe "... we followed up on
what you said, but it will be several weeks before we can fix it ..."

Responding to you might lead more hacks. Consider you *already* reported it to Slashdot. If I was them I would
work quietly on this and never respond to you. For all they know, you are ISIS.

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