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Comment I love it (Score 1) 442

This is a perfect example of government and private industry working together. These are COURT fees that are either going to go uncollected, or
will cost more to collect than the debt is worth. Many people are scofflaws; this partnership catches them.

The alternative is to do away with fines as they are in essence "uncollectible." Or raise the traffic tickets from $15 to $1000 to make them worthwhile to collect.

Comment Missed the boat (Score 5, Insightful) 116

I think the fellow has met HIS goals, but they miss the boat.
The main cause of laptops dying is spills on the keyboard and the underlying electronics.
The broken ones I have seen involve damage to the LCD screens. Neither of these
scenarios are addressed by THIS wood/composite design.

It appears the gentleman mainly designed for drop resistance, rather than spill and
LCD strikes. He has sought for a problem to the solution he proposes.

Lastly, most laptops end up discarded not because of damage, but because their
innards are obsolete. His insides are not upgradeable; the bulky case has limited
interior space and is not modular. The materials used are impact resistant but they
have to be made and formed by hand.

Comment Latest Buggy Wagon (Score 1) 145

Hard Disk Drives are so obsolete. This is like Atlanta Coach Works announcing their latest, greatest, horse drawn buggy. It is lower, longer, wider and has
more chrome than their 2015 model. Has gas shocks in the suspension, and electric whips for the horses. But still a buggy. I'd rather drive my car.
In 2016 ... SSD is the answer.

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