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Comment Gravel not concrete (Score 1) 111

A drop test unto concrete is nothing. The glass will not encounter the surface, only the raised edges will. A real test is to drop it on gravel, or loose pebbles on top of concrete. Then those pesky little rocks will punch the glass. A second test would be for my fat niece to sit on it on a couch.

Comment Pessimism vs Optimism (Score 1) 90

I think you are a Pessimist. The sky has dark clouds, and the weather is mostly wet, cold, damp and chilly around your house.
I am an optimist. The sky is mostly blue, the plants are getting the rain they need, the fireplace is warm, the book is nice to
read, and the forecast for the weekend is sunny and pleasant.
I think this software experiment is a good thing.

Comment Abortion (Score 1) 229

The unborn child is the product of two people. To say a "woman's body is her own" evades the
question. The issue here is two-fold: (1) Choice to have an abortion and (2) Choice to pay
child support.

A woman wants to have a child, but the man should be able to disagree, with the result that
the woman can forego the child support and have the baby.

My suggestion to women is: Don't sell yourself cheap. Get married first before you pop babies.
You are then guaranteed child support. If you have an accident, then BOTH parties need to
be involved in the decision to marry, child support, abortion, etc. If no agreement, then the
parties can opt out.

A "woman's body is her own" is correct. No one should force her to have a baby or get an
abortion. The child support, or marriage, is elective.

Comment Four types ... (Score 2) 193

The AARP crowd can vary: (1) A previously competent individual whose mind has deteriorated and now needs help.
(2) An older person that never used computers, and now that he is retired he wants to get on the scene; and
(3) An elder that used computers for a long time, but never mastered them, and has needed help all his life. (4) Someone
that knows how to use computers, but needs handholding from time to time.

These are all distinct types, the first three types are difficult and frustrating because things will never get better with

Comment Hitchhikers (Score 2) 87

They are saying "We have some people interested in going up. How about a ride?"

They have no launch capability. Basically no money to realistically contribute, yet
they want to send their guys up? Gimme a break. Limey freeloaders is what they
are. Cheeky bastards! ;-)

You are in the hall of the mountain king.