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Comment: Re:Mandatory? (Score 1) 260

by archkittens (#29465555) Attached to: Security / Privacy Advice?
You have clearly never seen the insides of standard user mailboxes. they tend to have all sorts of things being sent to and from their work email accounts because for many users, especially in public sector where i work, work email is the only email address they check regularly. sometimes their kids have set them something up, but our system is the only one they are willing to use. and it's all public records....

Comment: Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 245

by archkittens (#25222917) Attached to: HD Wii By 2011?
you need to play "no more heroes". it's single player, and the gameplay is compelling enough to forgive the cell shading, although i have found some people actually enjoy looking at cell shaded graphics. i bought a wii to play that game on the recommendation of a friend, it was very much worth it.

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