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Comment Re:Streisand effect? (Score 1, Insightful) 163

if "bleeping computers" does give a bad review to 1 maleware software and one they say is good is paying them $ for the traffic. They do have an argument in this that site in question is acting biased in their review. As you said Publicity of people looking for unbiased reviews of software doesn't look good for them if that is the case of them getting paid for referring people to 1 over software over another. In business of a reviewer, your reputation of being unbiased is everything.

Comment Re:Welcome to the game, Apple (Score 0) 72

Um well least MS fix's their flaw's in a timerly manner. crApple is hard pressed to do it within 2 months most the time. That is WITH the code to fix it within the day of a flaw being found. Flashback virus? Before people say it wasn't a flaw in apple's software, yea it did effect windows as well. But windows had fix the next day and took Apple 8 weeks to release the fix.

Comment Re:AMD was their own worst enemy (Score 0, Troll) 225

Its easy for everyone to ignore AMD and their own faults and focus on intel or nvidia as sole reason. Fact is AMD has done a lot of it to themselves. As said in another post on this story, they have did a lot of things wrong from drivers for their hardware being lack luster, to cpu's that are slow compared to intel and use a lot more power, to just straight up lies in benchmarks claiming they are as fast as the competition. Most those benchmarks they use are ones that are gpu accelerated which they have big advantage in vs intel atm.

Comment Um writer of this an AMD fanboy? (Score 1, Insightful) 225

"The fall over the last 10 years is due to Intel, who used illegal practices and ethically questionable engineering decisions to knock AMD off their roost while still keeping them in business."
That is what a fanboy would say, but ignore the fact that AMD when they got the lead sat on said lead and got beat down. On top of last 3-4 years claiming so many things about how great their product would be, how fast it was gonna be but when release comes out it fails to meet all the claims AMD made on it. AMD needs fire their Marketing and PR department's, they been a constant source of embarrassment for them. Making claims of how great their new product will be but when real world use comes in to play it falls way short, Case in point the Fury X. Claimed to 30% faster then a nvidia gtx980ti but when real world settings came in to play not the cherry picked settings AMD used to make those claims it was even to even 10% slower in some things.

Comment Re:I'm not payiong $60,000 for a $30,000 car (Score 2) 535

60grand? you mean more like 80-100grand. Remember the Apple tax can be as much as 3x normal car's. Other issue with Apple cars is service as no one will have expertise to take care of them outside the over priced Apple dealer. So probably be like owning a Bentley or Mercedes-Benz. Cost a fortune to maintain.

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