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Comment: Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

by arbiter1 (#46737513) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant
"What probably distinguishes this market from the console market is that gamers typically are chosey about their games. They aren't getting these games as gifts. They are looking at the reviews and the opinions of their friends." This is mostly cause on console, you buy a game it sucks go trade it in and get some $ back. PC side you are kinda S.O.L. and stuck with the game, which is also one the major fuels for piracy. I admit i pirate games my self that seem iffy, if i like the game feel its worth price they put on it, I will buy it or i will wait til its on sale down to a price I think it is worth.

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by arbiter1 (#46690509) Attached to: Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?
the patent office assumes when a patent is filed for that company did the work to see if it was done before. Which Apple has a clear history of stealing others work and claiming it as their own. Its left up to the court and someone to fight it to make it invalid. Problem is if its used against people that have no $ to spent on court cases they just pay even if the patent is bogus and invalid.

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During case about a year ago, there was a ton of Prior art given to the jury, But they decided to ignore it all cause as quoted "it would of taken to long". Apple being able to use home town jury that clearly will never rule against the home town company is a joke, then now Apple does have Obama on the take protecting from sales ban which should be in place on some apple products for stealing Samsung patents and refusing to pay for them.

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Apple is a straight up troll, they haven't innovated a damn thing on on their devices in 4 years pretty much. Samsung has better phones and more reasonable prices with sizes people want not Apples take what we give you crap. One of said patents was for a rounded rectangle as well. Having a court case in a court house full of Apple people is complete joke.

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My internet ip is allocated to an area. Even if they geoip me at best they will have a general area around 2000 square miles of where i live. Even then they don't know who was using the connection at the time could be me, someone else in the house or even someone that hacked my wifi.

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"Convicted felons like Kim Dotcom" Last I checked he wasn't convicted of anything and most crap they are trying to put him in jail was keeping stuff on megaupload servers he was asked to by the federal government. On top of that big corp music industry DMCA'ed a music megaupload paid for and owned copyright to cause they were asshurt.

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