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Comment: Teach the controversy (Score 1) 1306

by arbies (#27321795) Attached to: Texas Vote May Challenge Teaching of Evolution
The "ID" people rely on the very comforting, all-American, "teach the controversy" mantra. Hmmm..lessee.. gay sex is pretty controversial. How 'bout they start teaching that in health class along side hetero- sex. Ebonics is also controversial.. yo? That variant of English should be taught too... yo?

Comment: Re:For The Children (Score 1) 1574

by arbies (#24134575) Attached to: Louisiana Passes Intelligent Design Law
Since Louisana kids have to get both sides, how far does this go? English class --> teach English and Ebonics?? Science -> real science and creationism Health class --> Heterosexual sex and homosexual sex? Somehow, I doubt the last alternative will fly. Even though, it's presenting both sides of a very controversial issue.

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