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Comment: Why do ISPs pretend their customers aren't paying? (Score 1) 350

by araemo (#23015868) Attached to: BBC and ISPs Clash over iPlayer
Why do ISPs pretend that their customers aren't paying them to access the content?

"Google should pay us to use our Pipes" "BBC should pay us to send video to our customers"

What BS. Google is paying to put data onto the internet. BBC is paying for the same privilege.

The ISP's customers are paying to get/send data to the internet. The customers download data from BBC. Two ISPs are getting paid for this transaction.

If you don't like it, get out of the ISP business. If you want to stay in, but your customers are using too much bandwidth, either raise prices, or limit their bandwidth. It's a simple solution, and most ISPs have done it for years. ISPs calculate how much bandwidth they have, and give each customer more than their 'fair share', because they know that not all customers will use all their bandwidth 24/7. The better ISPs do this calculation regularly, and compare it to the real traffic use of their customers, and reduce the bandwidth limits(or increase the available bandwidth) as needed to keep the network running smoothly.

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