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Comment: Re:meme tag stole my post (Score 0, Offtopic) 270

by aputerguy (#27431261) Attached to: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Shrinking
I think we need to call in Al Gore. Maybe one day the global warming alarmists and hoaxsters will realize that change is a *natural* thing in this universe whether caused by inanimate or animate forces. Storms come and go. Icecaps expand and shrink. Glaciers advance and recede. Species thrive and decline. Get over it. Indeed, the one difference between animate and inanimate forces is that inanimate generated change is usually random in its effect while the net effect caused by animate generated change tends to be for the overall net better effect of humanity (not every aspect is positive, not every individual benefits equally and not every day is progress but the overall level of societal wealth, comfort, and knowledge tends to move upwards over time).

Comment: Re:Probably coincidence. (Score 2, Insightful) 480

by aputerguy (#26296767) Attached to: Anyone Besides Zune Owners With New Year's Crashes?
But there have now been reports (just adding up the comments posted on slashdot and emails to me) of hundreds of machines going down at precisely 00:00:00 GMT (across multiple timezones). That combined set of data points plus the obvious potential issue of a leap second being introduces at that precise time would seem to make your coincidence theory astronomically unlikely.

Comment: Re:Probably coincidence. (Score 1) 480

by aputerguy (#26296749) Attached to: Anyone Besides Zune Owners With New Year's Crashes?
As the OP and having read about several hundred other stable machines in multiple timezones crashing at that precise second, I do not believe that is a coincidence. Several people have reported 10 or more machines crashing at precisely 00:00:00 GMT -- it is so unlikely that hundreds of stable servers crashed precisely at this moment, that I would bet anything that this is NOT a coincidence. Plus, the last time my machine encountered a leap second, it was running FC1 with a very different kernel so that does not prove anything.

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