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Comment No credibility left at all (Score 1) 131

There is about the same chance that hydraulic fracturing leads to an increase in premature births as that hydraulic fracturing leads to the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Unless these women are flagging down Haliburton trucks and swimming in the tanks this is utterly and totally preposterous.

But that won't stop the lawyers from driving in their expensive automobiles to the courthouse to file the law suit and it won't stop the charlatan 'researches' from getting paid big money to testify as expert witnesses.

Agenda science is doing far more harm than hydraulic fracturing, fiction like this 'study' should anger everyone who understands the lasting damage being done between the scientific community and the public.

Comment She has a point (Score 1) 653

Back in 2001 while ensconced at HP I had little love for Fiorina, the fact is she now has the obvious high ground. Now if she were still at HP and the Saudi's wanted to buy servers to track gay people realize she would probably take the deal.

Cook should look at the facts of the law in Indiana and chill.

Comment Re:Hasn't been involved with Greenpeace since 1985 (Score 1) 573

The IPCC, what a marvelous racket. When you think about it a thing of real beauty. Your objective? Change the weather, which can't be changed, so you always have this crusade to engage in year after year as you pursue the quest that can never be met. And then you have all the grifters who have leached on - and let's be real, the thing reached a critical state and happily exists from the momentum that Patrick Moore so succinctly illustrated. But you, you're a troll because you won't obey the group think.