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Feed Amphibians In Losing Race With Environmental Change->

Even though they had the ability to evolve and survive for hundreds of millions of years -- since before the time of the dinosaurs and through many climatic regimes -- the massive, worldwide decline of amphibians can best be understood by their inability to keep pace with the current rate of global change, a new study suggests.
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Comment Re:It's called Use Tax (Score 1) 268

It's not only California, almost every other state that imposes Sales tax also applies Use tax.

Sales Tax - Tax that is collected by the seller on behalf of the taxing authority(state/county/city) on the goods that are purchased within the jurisdiction of the taxing authority.

Use Tax - Tax which needs to be paid by the buyer to the taxing authority for the goods that are purchased from the seller who is based outside the jurisdiction of the taxing authority.

It is easy to enforce Sales tax because you can identify sellers within the jurisdiction based on licenses. It is difficult to enforce/audit Use Tax because it is voluntary. Most of the time the sellers are based in jurisdictions outside the taxing authority and so sellers cant be controlled by state goverment.

New York Cigarette Tax is one example of Use tax that was enforced aggresively.

Wikipedia entry for use tax

How come everyone's going so slow if it's called rush hour?