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Comment: Re:Removing (Score 1) 242

by apoc06 (#43308179) Attached to: Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

Good point. Since they are still producing PS3s and therefore still fabbing Cell processors, some marketing genius should get them to offer a version of PS4 that includes a Cell. At a slightly higher price, of course. Then announce in advance that they will only produce a few thousand models.

Early adopters would eat that up.

Comment: Re:DNAS error -103 (Score 2) 242

by apoc06 (#43308097) Attached to: Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

Part of the reason PSN is free is because the servers are run by the publishers, not Sony. I believe that Sony may host a game server if the developer or publisher pays for it, but the Sony PSN servers mainly handle infrastructure, friends lists, updates, etc.

Sony doesn't dictate when a game's servers should go dark. If a game is no longer supported, blame the publisher.

Comment: Re:This just in: Still clueless (Score 1) 90

by apoc06 (#43230599) Attached to: Cyber War Manual Proposes Online Geneva Convention

----"You act as if there isn't 100's of people smarter on you working on this every day. Don't make that mistake. I have seen virus traced to a single group with some pretty inventive ways. Plus, people talk more then you would think."

This may be the case with many normal attacks, but once you start considering the sophistication of state sponsored attacks [which TFA is referring to], it becomes quite difficult to track down the true source. Most times this generally relies on the attacker making a mistake somewhere.

----"A lot of these attacks are very specific to targets."

This is also true "for now". Not all actors on the world stage have the same level of concern for collateral damage. There are currently no set rules regarding targeting; just a "gentleman's agreement" amongst countries that do not even admit to actively participating in cyber warfare in the first place.

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