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+ - Microsoft cuts fees to Latvian government by 60%

Submitted by Janis Berzinsh
Janis Berzinsh (112263) writes "On Monday, Microsoft Latvia announced [ translation ] that it would reduce its fees to the Latvian government by 60% amid Latvia's worsening financial crisis. Coincidentally, this news came shortly after Friday's open letter [ translation ] from the Latvian Open Technologies Association (LATA) to the Latvian Government outlining how the government could immediately save nearly five million Lats by switching some software applications to open source competitors and millions more in the long term. Preempted debate aside, this precedent raises one simple question: Does your government qualify for Microsoft relief?"

+ - Open Source Casino to Fund Open Source Development->

Submitted by
Michael Dexter
Michael Dexter writes "Linux Fund Casino will be built entirely with open source tools and will launch immediately upon the impending repeal of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Games will include Penguin Poker, Beastie Blackjack and GNR or "GNR's Not Roulette." Linux Fund has partnered with PokerSource and freelance Perl developer and author Randal L. Schwartz to develop the Gambling::Poker, Gambling::Blackjack, Gambling:GNR and Gambling::HouseAlwaysWins modules, all of which are available today on CPAN under the Artistic License. All proceeds from Linux Fund Casino will benefit Linux Fund's mission to support open source software."
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The Almighty Buck

+ - Last chance for a 2008 high-tech tax-deduction

Submitted by api
api (112263) writes "Tis the season to say thanks for the software you use with a donation to your favorite open source project or organization. Whether you are true GNU or prefer a BSD, you will be surprised how many projects big and small can offer tax-deductions. Some non-profit organizations indirectly help virtually every project while others make giving convenient."

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