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Comment Charges for Bandwidth? (Score 1) 119 119

The question is could you possibly charge the company for using your bandwidth to download the ads. If this software was installed on a PC it would most likely have been tagged as ad-ware. I wonder when the first Ad-ware/Malware scanner for the PS3 will be coming out. -- A

Comment Not a fan (Score 2, Informative) 258 258

I have been solidly unimpressed with the results from most of the main stream anti-virus vendors. There are of course huge trade offs between speed, usability and accuracy. I also don't like having programs think for me without giving me a viable option to change the way it's handling a situation on the fly. For my machines I've switched all windows machines to ESET's NOD32. All my personal linux boxes I have on F-Prot. -- a

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