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Comment: Re:How much will this new ink cost? (Score 1) 140

by aperion (#26568789) Attached to: Ink Breakthrough Heralds Bendy PC Screens

What sits idle better for long period of time? Does toner start to clump together if you haven't printed in a month? Ink start to soak through? I go through a cartridge maybe every year, maybe two. our printer is typically regulated to map print outs on the way to somewhere I've never been.

Comment: Re:Open source has been "looked at" (Score 1) 306

by aperion (#26550077) Attached to: Obama Looking At Open Source?

If you distribute to the world at large then the world at large is your end client, and as such are required to distribute the source.

If you were Only Distributing to Buy-n-Large then you would only be required to distribute the source to Buy-n-Large.

If Buy-n-Large Distributed to the world at large then Buy-n-Large would be required to distribute the source.

Comment: Re:Open source has been "looked at" (Score 1) 306

by aperion (#26546413) Attached to: Obama Looking At Open Source?

Just because you give someone the source doesn't make it open source.

I had an old professor he used to say: If you cut off someones head they die, but just because they're dead doesn't mean you cut off their head.

like wise

If something is open source it means you distribute the source code to the end user, just because you distribute source code to the end user doesn't mean it's open source.

(please note, not all OSL require distribution to the end user)

Comment: booting? (Score 4, Interesting) 160

by aperion (#26476809) Attached to: Debian For Android Installer Released
Article mentions Android is based on Debian, so basically what has happened is apt-get was installed (and all required software) which then gives access to the entire debain ARM library.

Is this correct?

It's sad the number of responses saying this is a boot screen... maybe if you don't actually look at it, and just go: 'oh pretty text!'

+ - Six-Stroke Gasoline/Steam Hybrid Engine->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Bruce Crower has made a fascinating modification to traditional internal combustion engines: a fifth and sixth stroke. His six-stroke engine injects water into the hot cylinder to achieve a second power stroke with the expanding steam. The engine "burns" equal amounts of gasoline and water, thereby reducing fuel consumption by a whopping 40%. Could this technology the future of petroleum powered vehicles? More information is available on Wikipedia."
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Linux Business

+ - Is Linux Splitting into Two Factions?->

Submitted by
AlexGr writes "Good commentary by Kevin Carmony in his Linspire Letter blog: With the recent news of several Linux vendors entering into partnership agreements with Microsoft (Novell, Linspire, Xandros), there has been much debate recently about two factions of Linux forming. Saying that Linux is going to be torn in two, makes for good press and lively debates, but this is certainly nothing new for Linux. hp?id=49"
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The Almighty Buck

+ - 7400 people sign <NO>OOXML petition over wee->

Submitted by
pieterh writes "The FFII's <NO>OOXML site reports: "Microsoft is currently trying to make the ISO National Bodies believe that its Office Open XML (OOXML) format is a good standard. This website discusses why this broken proprietary standard should never be accepted by ISO. A decision by each National Standardisation Body in each country will happen somewhere during the holidays of July or August. Written comments should be sent before the end of June in most countries." Since Friday 22nd June, a petition to ask national members of ISO to vote "NO" has already raised 7,400 signatures."
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+ - SLES Vouchers may mean blanket patent protection

Submitted by just_another_sean
just_another_sean (919159) writes "Todd Bishop has a post on his blog concerning some comments made by Eblen Moglen concerning the ramifications of MS distributing SLES vouchers once the GPLv3 goes into effect.

Eben Moglen, legal counsel to the Free Software Foundation, discussed the details of the draft General Public License Version 3 — including its defenses against the Microsoft-Novell deal — in an online seminar hosted by OpenLogic Inc. today. ... Moglen said the recent "saber-rattling" further illustrated the importance of protecting against Microsoft's attempts "to disrupt free software production through the inculcation of a large inventory of most-likely invalid patents."
If this is correct can Novell afford to stay on GPLv2 versions of all it's software? Does even one distribution of a peice of GPLv3 software under the MS/Novell deal render MS's patent claims moot? As usual, more coverage over at Groklaw."

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