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Comment: More anti-intellegence shlock (Score 5, Insightful) 491

by anza (#34768318) Attached to: When Smart People Make Bad Employees
Of course, he doesn't mention the smart person that shows up on time, does their work dutifully, and saves the company money by doing over and above what their job entails.

You know what's worse than a smart person who is lazy and doesn't show up on time? A dumb person that is lazy and doesn't show up on time. All of those traits he listed aren't qualities that solely belong to "smart people."

Comment: Ugh (Score 3, Insightful) 473

by anza (#34457590) Attached to: Medical Researcher Rediscovers Integration
Things that are ridiculous about this paper:

1) The man names the method after himself. I can see the smug look on his face when he figured out how to integrate, and decided to name his newfound discovery after himself. That's a big no no in science.
2) It's been cited 137 times since it was published. Most recently in June. That means that there has been ~137 people that cited it without seeing that it's just an integral.
3) It completely reaffirms the whole stereotype of the premedical student memorizing everything they need to get into medicine but understanding nothing.

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