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Comment I have a good feeling about this (Score 1) 816

If there's anything that could bring more credibility to Star Wars, it's less control from Lucas. Now we might actually see the original trilogy released without all the special edition plastic muck. Or perhaps restored, but not ruined with added scenes and horrible modifications.

And since Lucas already ruined Star Wars with Episode I-III, I have absolutely nothing against further Episodes, especially since they likely won't let Lucas direct them.

Sure Disney is known for sanitising their products, but Star Wars has always been pretty clean. I am not worried about that. What does concern me, is that Disney will now control ILM and LucasArts, possibly affecting what projects ILM contribute to, and the contents of LucasArts' games.

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Submission + - What is a patent troll? (

schliz writes: Australian tech publication iTnews is defining ”patent trolls" as those who claim rights to an invention without commercializing it, and notes that government research organization CSIRO could come under that definition.

The CSIRO in April reached a $220 million settlement over three US telcos’ usage of WLAN that it invented in the early 1990s. Critics have argued that the CSIRO had failed to contribute to the world’s first wifi 802.11 standard, failed to commercialize the wifi chip through its spin-off, Radiata, and chose to wage its campaign in the Eastern District courts of Texas, a location favored by more notorious patent trolls.

Submission + - Blizzard raided by Korean Government after disappointing Diablo III release (

antdah writes: "Not just us Europeans are angry with Blizzard after all the "Error 37" (and occasional Error 73). The poor server status has made the notorious Korean gamers furious, and after being denied a refund, the Korean government launched an investigation regarding Blizzards business conduct. The Korean Fair Trade Commission raided Blizzard's Seuol office Monday, and "secured related documents and other evidence with which it will determine whether Blizzard broke the law"."

Submission + - Diablo 3 Servers Hacked 1

Hyppy writes: Hundreds (thousands) of users have reportedly been hacked simultaneously this weekend, less than a week after Diablo 3 was released. Dozens of threads on the official Diablo 3 forums created over the past 48 hours have been censored by Blizzard customer service officials. Interestingly enough, many players have Blizzard's SecurID-styled Authenticator on their accounts, bringing into question both Blizzard's security and that of the Authenticators.

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