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Comment: Re:Show attached block devices (Score 1) 2362 2362

Bash is really rather magical. For instance, I don't use history - I don't know it, and I really don't need it. Rather:

* Ctrl + R: Reverse search in the bash history. This is a must-have tool!
* Ctrl + L: Clear terminal.
* CtrL + D: Normal logout. Faster than typing exit.
* Tab completion can be activated for most things, such as ssh, man pages and apt-get (if you use that). Just look at /etc/bash.bashrc.

Comment: Additions (Score 1) 227 227

A major newspaper gives up printing on paper to publish exclusively online.
This actually already happened late last year.

Digg holds out for a big payday but ends up like Friendster (i.e., no friends).
This point should perhaps come with the disclaimer that Digg-competitor is owned by Wired.

There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.