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+ - 'Homeless Hacker' Lawyer: DDoS Isn't An Attack, It->

Submitted by animusCollards
animusCollards (1173083) writes "A lawyer for a homeless man accused of launching a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the city of Santa Cruz because of an anti-camping law told TPM on Wednesday that such campaigns are the modern day equivalent of occupying the Woolworth’s lunch counter as happened during the civil rights movement."
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Australian Cave Offers Klingon Audio Tour 54

Posted by samzenpus
from the enjoy-the-tour-you-filthy-targ dept.
schliz writes "An Australian cave system visited by 200,000 tourists a year is expanding its range of audio guides to support Klingon. Cave operators reportedly engaged the services of two 'Klingon scholars' from the US, following Star Trek's naming of a 'Sydney Class' Starship, the USS Jenolan."

Opting Out Increases Spam? 481

Posted by timothy
from the damned-either-way dept.
J. L. Tympanum writes "I used to ignore spam but recently I have been using the opt-out feature. Now I get more spam than ever, especially of the Nigerian scam (and related) types. The latter has gone from almost none to several a day. Was I a fool for opting out? Is my email address being harvested when I opt out? Has anybody had similar experience?"

+ - Apple: Life after Steve Jobs->

Submitted by animusCollards
animusCollards (1173083) writes "Slate ponders a post-Steve Jobs Apple, including possible successors, and the future is... boring.

''s certainly true that Jobs' style is central to the company's brand and the fierce connection it forges with its customers. His product announcements prompt hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free press coverage and whip up greater and more loyal fans, generating ever-greater interest in the company. ... At some point, all that will end. Jobs will eventually leave the company. There are no obvious plans for succession; in addition to Schiller, observers finger Tim Cook, Apple's COO, and Scott Forstall, who helped develop Mac OS X and the iPhone's software, as contenders for the job. But Tuesday's keynote illustrated how difficult it will be for any of those guys to replace Jobs.'


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Comment: Stevens Rules (Score 1) 517

by animusCollards (#26217263) Attached to: Your Favorite Tech / Eng. / CS Books?
Stevens' Advanced Programming in the UNIX(R) Environment is gospel. Horstmans's Mastering Object-Oriented Design in C++ is an excellent study of OO concepts. The fact that it illustrates its concepts in C++ is irrelevant, although it does make me wonder if it's been updated to Java or something else in wider use these days.
The Internet

+ - Internet Setup in Japan

Submitted by animusCollards
animusCollards (1173083) writes "I'm going to Japan next week to see my in-laws. Amidst our home visit, low key sight-seeing, and an overnight at a ryokan, I've been tasked with getting the folks online. I'm planning a wireless network with a broadband connection and probably a Mac for ease of use. A no-brainer, right? Well, I don't speak Japanese. My wife is fluent, but only spoken language — use Kanji or lose it. I know we'll work this out, but it would be great if the /. crowd can get us around any obvious pitfalls.

So what would you do if you were setting up a simple home network in Tokyo?"

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