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Comment: Re:For me, this begs the question (Score 1) 169 169

Don't be ashamed of Canadians for this. Less than 24% of eligible Canadians actually voted for Harper's party. Blame the messed-up first-through-the-post system that allows 24% of the vote to equal a Majority, and blame the whole Confidence Vote bullshit for scaring MPs into voting for the party line lest they have to dissolve Parliament...again.

Comment: Re:For me, this begs the question (Score 1) 169 169

Same sex-marriage is not a human right. It's also not the preview of the federal government. It's a provincial decision. In Canada, the provinces have in general more control over what's said and done than the feds.

Then why is it that it was the Supreme Court that ruled on it, and why is it that Harper put it to a vote (which he lost) in the federal Parliament in 2007?

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