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Comment: Re:A reminder... (Score 2) 94

by angulion (#43045899) Attached to: eComStation 2.2 Beta, the Legacy of OS/2 Lives On

Back in the 90-ies I used to run a popular BBS, I tried to go modern and multitask with win31 instead of desqview. Users forced me to change and I went for OS/2 which worked wonders (maybe - 92).. What I remember to this day is that some stuff just was much more logical in OS/2 than still in this day in windows (DnD, drag on appicon etc.)

Really liked it and it is nice to see that its legacy is living on.

Comment: Re:warning! (Score 1) 245

by angulion (#28741619) Attached to: Study Finds Delinquent Behavior Among Boys Is "Contagious"

And the scariest part is that the parent got modded +5 insightful instead of funny.

You shouldn't judge someone before even giving them a chance.

Some time ago I was talking with a girl from china, if you fail a class you are put amongst "the less bright ones" there. She was bright but had had an accident and therefore grades dropped temporary, she got transferred. To get any chance of decent education after that, she had to move to a different country.

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