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Comment: A general problem about community education (Score 1) 769

by andyo (#30381372) Attached to: Is Linux Documentation Lacking?
It is not enough to recruit experts (with or without pay) to write, because they can't keep up with changes--I found that out working on books about Linux at O'Reilly. But it is not enough to ask the community to contribute micro-documents--that causes everything comes out disorganized and of wildly varying quality.

My most comprehensive article on the issues is:

Much more for the curious at:

At FLOSS Manuals (, where I volunteer, we're filling the gap with well-organized writing projects combining peer review from the public with experts from various free software packages. There's a very active mailing list and a lot of highly praised output on the web site.

(I may go back to one of the articles cited in the posting and add this comment to it.)

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