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+ - Some history and analysis of recent court ruling on Verizon and network neutral

Submitted by andyo
andyo writes: A lot of the reactions thrown out by bloggers and journalists don't take into account the long history of telecom regulation and the roots of the various movements people now call network neutrality. This article on O'Reilly Radar gives a framework and comes up with some unusual conclusions.

Comment: Re:Wireless = less network engineers? (Score 1) 444 444

by andyo (#37162486) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will IT Look Like In 10 Years?
I humbly submit my own science-fiction-like vision of computing--not in ten years, but substantially in the future: Admittedly, this is mostly for fun (and to make some other points) and not to answer the specific question.

Comment: A general problem about community education (Score 1) 769 769

by andyo (#30381372) Attached to: Is Linux Documentation Lacking?
It is not enough to recruit experts (with or without pay) to write, because they can't keep up with changes--I found that out working on books about Linux at O'Reilly. But it is not enough to ask the community to contribute micro-documents--that causes everything comes out disorganized and of wildly varying quality.

My most comprehensive article on the issues is:

Much more for the curious at:

At FLOSS Manuals (, where I volunteer, we're filling the gap with well-organized writing projects combining peer review from the public with experts from various free software packages. There's a very active mailing list and a lot of highly praised output on the web site.

(I may go back to one of the articles cited in the posting and add this comment to it.)

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