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+ - There's No Wind Chill on Mars->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Even though daytime temperatures in the tropics of Mars can be about –20C, a summer afternoon there might feel about the same as an average winter day in southern England or Minneapolis. That’s because there’s virtually no wind chill on the Red Planet, according to a new study—the first to give an accurate sense of what it might feel like to spend a day walking about on our celestial neighbor. “I hadn’t really thought about this before, but I’m not surprised,” says Maurice Bluestein, a biomedical engineer and wind chill expert recently retired from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. The new findings, he says, “will be useful, as people planning to colonize Mars need to know what they’re getting themselves into.”"
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Comment: Re:Obvious missing option -- ELECTIVES! (Score 1) 313

by andydouble07 (#46376883) Attached to: Should programming be a required curriculum in public schools?
This isn't a very useful option because it doesn't describe WHY it should be an elective. Elective programming courses are already the status quo, so when the question asks "should it be a required curriculum", your answer is saying "No, because it isn't". Maybe there are other good reasons why it shouldn't be a required course, but "it should be elective" isn't one of them.

+ - Kerbal Space Program Played By Real Astronauts and Space Scientists

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Kerbal Space Program is the indie sandbox game that lets you build rockets that are simulated using a physics engine, it's popularity has spread beyond gaming into space industry professionals. Former Astronaut Ed Lu, who's day job includes 'saving the world from killer asteroids' sat down with Scott Manley to see if his experience would help him. And it turns out that there are employees at JPL who are quite obsessed with the game."

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