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Not according to any of the definitions I could find (admittedly using only a few minutes online).
Most of the text discussing censorship specifically made mention of government, organizational and self-censorship. pretty much sums it all up.

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The definition says nothing about who has access to keys, other than to say that the destination requires keys and knowledge of algorithms used.
It's still end-to-end encryption if a third party is responsible for generating keys and handing them out.
Think S/MIME and e-mail, a certificate authority generates keys for users to encrypt mail to each other. The mail is encrypted from end to end, but the keys are controlled by another party.

Submission + - Is there a secure email option for the privacy-conscious? 1 1 writes: Towards the end of last week I found out about Tormail, and it seemed like just the thing I wanted — I'm a long-time GMail user (since before it was open to the public) but the recent exploits of Google (shutting down Google Reader, their pushing of Google+ everywhere, etc.) and the facts revealed by Snowden suggested to me that it was time to stop trusting cloud providers and take a bit more of an interest in privacy and anonymity. So I signed up and emailed many of my contacts to say that was my new address... only to have the site go down almost before I could read any responses. Today on /. I read about the operation by the FBI affecting many Tor sites, Tormail one of them. Just my luck.
Is there a reliable, secure alternative for email for a person like me? I'd prefer not to have to host it myself, I don't really think I have the skills, but if there's a package that's simple and reliable then that would be first prize. Basically anything to get my life out of Google's (and the FBI's) hands...

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1. to glance at or over or read hastily: to scan a page.

And even if you had been correct, it was an unnecessarily harsh comment, but do please feel free to hide behind the mantle of the Anonymous Coward.

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