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Comment: Don't degauss it to start with (Score 2) 348

by andy the engineer (#42376887) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Test Your New Hard Drives?

On black Friday I bought a 1 TB drive at Office Depot, and of course they waved the box over their anti-theft degauser. I asked for a different drive and told them that they shouldn't do that with drives. The girl gave me the look we all have seen, but the boy behind her actually agreed with me and they gave me a drive out of the cage and let me leave the store with the alarm blaring. I've just about filled it up already and It's been working fine.


+ - Is there a best practice for gateway addresses?

Submitted by andy the engineer
andy the engineer (274207) writes "I am in the process of laying out some subnets to go through a router/firewall. Technically I can use any valid host address in the subnet, but the two most common I have seen is to use either the first or the last in the range. Should I prefer one over the other, or just pick one and stick with it?"

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