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Submission + - TweetBubble: Easily Explore Social Media Connections

aj85 writes: Interface Ecology Lab announces the release of TweetBubble, a free and open source Chrome extension that helps users explore social media network connections. TweetBubble subtly transforms the Twitter interface to enable users to explore networks of content referenced through @ user handles and #hashtags without switching back and forth across tabs and windows. Users can see the big picture of who is connecting with whom, and keep on track when following conversations. TweetBubble can make Twitter more effective and engaging for occasional and expert Twitter users, right now. The public release is aimed at demonstrating how fluid interfaces can help people understand, work with, and think about complex information, and provoke design of better interfaces to connected information networks. Developers who want to build on TweetBubble can access the open source TweeBubble code on GitHub.

Comment Interactive TV Platform as Important as Mobile (Score 1) 27

The New York Times reports today [http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/16/in-tv-race-microsoft-has-lead-forrester-says] that television is emerging as a crucial strategic platform, "every bit as intense as... mobile." Apple, Google, and Microsoft (and others? Amazon? Facebook?) will vie for dominance. I argue that making all involved surfaces -- the large TV, the smaller phone and tablet -- interactive, with multi-touch, will become essential ground for television as platform. As the platforms fully open for development, with App stores, things will get interesting. ZeroTouch is the highest performance, most cost effective way to make the TV surface interactive. When production of the technology is scaled, costs should run in the hundreds of dollars for very large screens. The ACM CHI Austin ZeroTouch demo showed how responsive ZeroTouch sensing is, at television scale.

Comment Re:Kinect complimentary? (Score 2) 27

Kinect's specialty is its depth camera. ZeroTouch's specialty is extremely precise and fast sensing in a plane. Kinect cannot presently match ZeroTouch for precision and speed for free-air interaction. ZeroTouch presently can sense precisely only in a single plane. Hence, we are working to combine the two sensing modalities to create the highest fidelity free-air interaction.

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