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Comment: Re:Four Minutes (Score 1) 992

by andrews (#41270515) Attached to: Texas Opens Fastest US Highway With 85 MPH Limit

I live in Texas and yes, if you're driving on I-10 between Houston and El Paso, 85 mph would make a big difference. But this particular stretch is only 41 miles. That's not even (quite) across New Jersey. And you know there's gonna be some asshat in the left lane doing 55 the whole way. There always is.

Comment: It's all about the money (Score 1) 992

by andrews (#41264211) Attached to: Texas Opens Fastest US Highway With 85 MPH Limit

The speed limit is 85 because the state gets more money from the toll operator at the higher speed.

"The state contract with the toll operator allows the state to collect a $67 million up-front cash payment or a percentage of the toll profits in the future if the speed limit is 80 mph or lower. At 85 mph, the cash payment balloons to $100 million or a higher percentage of toll revenues."

Comment: Re:how 'bout some gun control... (Score 5, Informative) 1706

Major Caudill does not exist. This essay was originally written by Marko Kloos in 2007.

Shortly thereafter it was plagiarized and falsely attributed to the nonexistent Major Caudill. It even appeaed in a certain celebrity's book.

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