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Comment: Do not bail out, buy out. (Score 1) 649

by andrewla (#42790117) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail'
Rather than bailing the banks out, they should buy whatever number of shares instead. The Bank still has liquid assets to continue trading, and the goverment can sell those shares in the future. While the goverment have shares special rules apply, all management bonuses for the last 10 years need to be repayed within 12 months, no management bonuses while the goverment has shares. No manager to receive more than a given wage referance point, possibly a politicians wage at whatever level. The federal manager cannot receive more than the prime minister, a state manager cannot receive more than a state political leader, a branch manager cannot receive more than a council politician. Jail time sounds good, but remember these people are above the law, so it will never happen.

Comment: Re:Few Questions (Score 3, Interesting) 160

by andrewla (#35354636) Attached to: New Hampshire Man Sentenced To 7 Years For Robo-Calling Malware
A) Did these people not scan their computer reasonably enough to detect the malware.
If the scanner was able to pick it up.

B) Did these people run a completely insecure OS allowing them to be infected
Should MS Windows users be banned from using the Internet ? Well yes they should, but I cannot see that happening.

C) DId these people have enough common sense to run firewall software to prevent the infection
What good is a firewall, the hardware port to the modem needs to be open to use the Internet. End of story.

>D) Did they not notice there modems dial out to a number they didn't authorise
Not if the malware waited till there was no keyboard activity, or the melware turned off the modem sound before it called.
Even if you were using the phone line when it tried to call you might not spot it, just a couple of clicks while the modem tried to get a dial tone.
The only indication is if you tried to make a call in the middle of the malware call, and even then, a lot of people might blame the phone company.

Yes it is entirely his own fault.

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