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Comment: Re:You Just Don't Know When to Shut Up, Do You? (Score 0) 705

And the cry of “Remove all regulation!” is the cry of anarchy. In the absence of all law, people will behave like animals and corporations will behave like monsters. As with so many other things in life, it’s a question of balance.

Comment: Re:Rev4 syntax (Score 0) 578

by andrew554 (#30240650) Attached to: Dumbing Down Programming?

Oddly yes, it is easy to program with, at least going by my experience with HyperTalk (HyperCard scripting language) 20 years ago.

I’m a decent programmer, and was then too, but actually the English-like scripting language was a joy to use—at least for the things I used HyperCard for.

I’m quite willing to believe that this thing can make programming easy for ‘non-programmers’ for certain kinds of problems. It’s not going to be the next Java, but then we already have the next Java.

Comment: Re:This will do nothing to end the "conflict". (Score 0, Informative) 198

by andrew554 (#30183784) Attached to: Major Electronics Firms Support Ending Use of "Conflict Minerals"

The fighting is about politics, not minerals.

And what is politics about if not the distribution of power and wealth? (Remember that the minerals are making the warlords richer and funding the mayhem.)

And it won’t solve the problem completely, but it will put pressure on to start towards a solution. And this is a good thing. Especially when the alternative is to turn a blind eye and pretend nothing is happening.

An imperfect solution is better than nothing.

Comment: There are a lot of paranoid ideas here (Score 0) 549

by andrew554 (#30040464) Attached to: Murdoch To Explore Blocking Google Searches

About how it’s a devious masterstroke beyond our ken.

But I say: never attribute to malice what can be explained by advanced syphilis of the BRAIN.

Seriously, when I read this it was all I could do not to point at my screen and say "heeah, heeah" in the style of Nelson from The Simpsons.

Comment: Re:Impedance mismatch (Score 0) 747

by andrew554 (#29657497) Attached to: De Icaza Responds To Stallman
Hmm, to me Icaza reimplementing .NET as Mono seems to be the direct analogue of Stallman reimplementing Unix as GNU. And for many of the same reasons (to allow people using the un-Free .NET escape to a Free platform). And with many of the same risks (that he would be shut down by the legal department of a powerful corporation).

Comment: Re:"Yes" (Score 0) 350

by andrew554 (#29636653) Attached to: Will Books Be Napsterized?

Especially if they charge $10 for DRM'd digital copies of Dan Brown novels.

The Internet tells me that distributers take about 60% of the sale value of a book. Printing (especially hardbacks) must cost something too. It seems reasonable to expect that digital copies of just-released Dan Brown novels, especially those with DRM (given that they get to prevent resale and possibly sell it to you again in the future), should be charged at nearer $5.

(Take note of my incredibly rigorous mathematical analysis.)

'Course, then the publishers would be competing with their own physical-books business, so don't imagine that that would be popular.

"Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago." -- Bernard Berenson