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by rk (#46790955) Attached to: Samsung's Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment

Hmmm. That's a good point, especially since I carry around a big boat Note 2. But there's something I did with my Newton that I still don't do with any electronic device and that is take notes. It's the only device I ever had that recognized my native handwriting (not printing, not Graffiti from the Palm OS era), which is an amazing feat because I can barely read my own handwriting.

Comment: love my kindle (Score 1) 2

by stoolpigeon (#46750003) Attached to: Verbiage: My Amazon Kindle

My kindle is really my preferred way to read a book now.

The android app is pretty nice too. When I read on my nexus it gives me an estimate, based on current page turning speed I assume, of how many minutes it will take to finish the chapter. That is really awesome. But the nexus is thicker, heavier and has shorter battery life than the kindle.

Mine has lasted me quite a while. My kids have had issues with theirs but our experience has been the same as yours. Amazon service has been outstanding and we've had no problem getting replacements. And for a family it is ideal. Everyone is connected to my account. When we buy a book from Amazon (or email it in from Calibre) then everyone can read it.

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by grumbel (#46740337) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

Right now in Xubuntu: The WindowButtons/Taskbar shows the wrong windows when using multiple monitors, the xfce-volumed is constantly hanging, not registering volume keys and using the wrong soundcard, the indicator-applet is completely broken and putting apps into fullscreen doesn't work properly any more either with multiple monitors. Most of this used to work a year or two ago. It feels like XFCE is just getting more and more broken as time progresses. It's pretty frustrating, guess it's time to try Mate.

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