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Comment: recipe for disaster (Score 1) 136

by anarcobra (#44762497) Attached to: New Smartphone Tech To Alert Pedestrians: 'You Are About To Be Hit By a Car'
So you start to cross the street and get a message on your phone. Now you're distracted, you look at your phone, and it says: "congratz you're dead". Instead of looking at the road, you are reading some message about the car that just hit you. Ideally people would respond to the car rather than the phone. But then again, ideally people wouldn't drive off a cliff just because gps said to turn right.

Comment: Re:Idiocracy (Score 2) 628

I think the interesting question is what do they expect to do if one of the persons (i.e either the texter or textee) is in a state where texting while driving is accepted? Will I still be fined for sending a text to Bob who I know is driving, but he's in a state where it is legal to text while driving? And what if I send text to Bob who is driving in NJ, but I'm in a state where it is legal? Will they turn it into a federal case based on some perverted interpretation of interstate commerce?

Comment: Re:I memorized the algorith! (Score 1) 208

by anarcobra (#44148611) Attached to: The Father of <em>Civilization</em>: Profile of Sid Meier
I'm not saying humans would act randomly.
If they notice that you are using a certain strategy they will change their own strategy.
Whereas a computer program will react in exactly the same way every single time.
(they could add in randomness, but just adding randomness might cause very bad decisions)

If humans always reacted exactly the same way from memorized patterns, each game would end exactly the same.

Comment: Re:I memorized the algorith! (Score 2) 208

by anarcobra (#44146473) Attached to: The Father of <em>Civilization</em>: Profile of Sid Meier
No that's not what he's saying at all.
Perfect AI would be able to learn your behavior and adapt to it.
That way there would be no fixed behavior for you to learn, and you'd have to adapt constantly.

Saying that you can't plan if you don't know exactly how your enemy will react is kind of sad.
It's sort of like admitting that you can only follow a fixed formula yourself and that you are incapable of adapting to your opponent.
How do you deal with playing against another person? Are you unable to plan for them because they might react in unexpected ways?
Or do your friends all play according to some fixed recipe?

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