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Comment Re:Connection? (Score 1) 20 20

>And this doesn't even take into account your point that the warming from the sun is from above, and the volcanic warming would be through several miles of cold ocean water.
Might be a good thing to do. The solar input is balanced in some way by something (radiative emission?) to a very large degree since the planets temperature is stable to +/- 100C for at least the last billion years. Actually for the last 10K years the band is even tighter. So, adding a mess of petajoules to the water mas from the bottom of the mass could be interesting in terms of altering currents.

Comment Re:Not a theory! (Score 2) 129 129

>The thing is, the "theory of creationism" is an inherently bad theory since ......

It is even worse theology. It requires belief in a deity that created everything to deliberately fool us. Once you go down that road 'died on the cross for my salvation (and yours also if you are interested,)' evaporates. Not having any of that.

Comment Re:Regulation is the enemy of free markets. (Score 1) 54 54

No, the bigger picture is that government exists for the sake of government, and is left to its own devices it would take over everything if you let it. This has happened many times throughout history, and the Free Market is the best defense against runaway bureaucracy. Always remember that.

I am starting to wonder about that. The government does not exist to protect us from the Robber Barons(tm), and it would not be an efficient way to protect them from us. I am starting to wonder if the government exists to protect them from each other, or something like that.

Comment Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840 840

My daughter and I restored a 57 BelAir, her boyfriend drives a 67 Mustang, He almost has my 49 Willys running and together we will tackle the 84 Mustang. BUT: I would not try to fix the junk they sell in WalMart these days. The real problem is that crap from asia is not worth fixing.

Comment Re:It's a great car (Score 1) 398 398

>Having a second vehicle in the house for long trips is nice too. But I've probably traded cars with my wife out of necessity 2 or 3 times in a year.
That is why I have a Volt. When I need to drive 600 miles I just go. During the week I make it to work and back with a little to spare on nuclear and dirty coal.

And the point about shifting and noise is *RIGHT ON* I had forgotton how nice classical music was but now that I can listen to it again it is really a great bonus.

Another plus is the Voilt makes the Prius look like a mud fence. I know because my son-in-law parked his Prius next to my Volt one day and made that comment.

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