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Comment Re:Oh yes, software (Score 1) 630

My money is on writing software now that creates programs based on interpretive dance in front of a Kinect. Then I'll open up dance studios everywhere and be filthy rich..... I'l go down in history as the founder of the Dance-Based Economy!...... Muhahahahahah......

Damn it! That was my idea!

Comment Re:Open Source vs a Corporate Monopoly (Score 1) 162

Everyone not doing this cares when they see what can be done on a rooted phone? I've never seen anyone do anything on a rooted phone that was interesting at all. I want my phone to make phone calls and handle other things a phone is supposed to do, I don't want to code in Pyluaby and SSH into remote terminals on my phone.

Comment Re:How much does MS pay you? (Score 2) 185

No, there is a separate, official Facebook app for Windows Phone. And, as far as I can tell, the integration in iOS and Android is not to the same level as Windows Phone does it. I, of course, could be entirely wrong about that. I haven't played with iOS or Android for a whole now.

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