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Comment: Re:Drivers (Score 0) 146

by amirishere (#46698691) Attached to: AMD Unveils the Liquid-Cooled, Dual-GPU Radeon R9 295X2 At $1,500
Second that, my pc hangs once every two times that I boot into linux because of a race condition in the drivers. I don't have this problem when using the open source drivers, but then gnome shell has problems.

Also their OpenCL implementation has problems which prevents Blenders Cycles engine from being usable through their GPU.

I'd rather they spend money on their drivers than on some Frankenstein GPU manifestation.

Comment: Re:The drivers still suck, so why bother? (Score 0) 189

by amirishere (#43543235) Attached to: AMD Radeon HD 7990 Released: Dual GPUs and 6G of Memory for $1000
The Nvidia drivers can be used to run the blender cycles engine both using OpenCL and Cuda. The AMD fails at both with the latter being obvious and the latter being unacceptable. Also with the 7000 HD, msi 7750 series at least, there seems to be a problem running an analog lcd together with anoter lcd, I tried many possible connections, displayport->vga+hdmi->hdmi, dvi->vga+hdmi->hdmi,displayport->vga+dvi->vga, (The driver has problem unloading it seems).

On Linux I am connecting one of the two monitors using the onboard Radeon card. This is a little buggy, but I just don't do things that I know will crash it.

Comment: Re:They risked a valuable Monkey? (Score 0) 425

by amirishere (#42725507) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back
My comment on helping people leave was made on the spur of the moment. If anything is to be done we have to do it ourselves. Our main problem is organizational rather than funding. I know several individuals who mean to leave but are stuck in their daily lives here, we usually need counselling more than anything else.

But your governments should consider helping engineers get out of this country. They should issue special work visas (like Australia) for the graduates of top universities. Many of my friends who are working in Iran (even in the military sectors) do so only because they need the job. Getting these people out would be the most effective and the cheapest way to do damage.

OTOH getting these people out may be a double edged sword. Although unlikely, if anyone is going to put sense back into the system it's these guys.

Comment: Re:They risked a valuable Monkey? (Score 0) 425

by amirishere (#42724771) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back
I must say that even I don't know what is going on here. I can't tell if it is a pedantically religious government trying to force its views or a conman of a regime sucking all the capital into its own pockets.

The people here are also very unreadable. On the one hand most of the religious shiites want more freedom in different part of their lives, for example in speech, in the economy, and in the society; but on the other hand they seem reluctant to relinquish their control over their female relatives or believe that other faiths should not be able to advertise their beliefs.

This religious adherence of the people plays into the hand of the government. The government rides these sentiments and from them derives and portrays its own, albeit different, version of what the people want through the media. Based on this portrayal the government implements some very annoying policies. This includes the severe restriction of the press, the internet and political figures, it includes the hijab police on the streets who arrest people based on their cloth. It includes systematic filtering of university students and professors and also our foreign policies.

There also are the Bazzaris (those with the money) and the religious leaders who are not affiliated with the government. These I haven't had much contact with and don't know much about.

Comment: Re:It's a good thing he flunked. (Score -1, Offtopic) 186

by amirishere (#42409487) Attached to: Ramanujan's Deathbed Conjecture Finally Proven
Parent is correct. I am from Iran and studied Computer Eng here. 40% of the class now reside and work in foreign countries. We have people working in Google, Amazon, Ms, and Cisco.

Another note, the prestiges subjects in Iran is engineering. So just as the brightest US kids study law, the bright kids in Iran "get" to study engineering. I am guessing the same phenomenon holds for India. This may be the reason why the Indians and the Iranians far out perform the US kids in STEM.

One final note, yeah, I studied in CE in the top eng college in Iran. So although I may not be very socially knowledgeable, I probably kick the scientific hell out of the rest of y'all.

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