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Comment: Re:Amiga Floppies (Score 2) 171

by amigabill (#46834809) Attached to: Previously Unknown Warhol Works Recovered From '80s Amiga Disks

Also, if they did much research, they might have found that one of the few remaining Amiga hardware peripheral producers has for some time sold floppy disk controllers that I understand are popular with Forensics people, as they can read a very wide variety of formats on a standard PC.

Comment: would be a great way to get hard keyboard (Score 1) 139

by amigabill (#46825631) Attached to: Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

I like the hard keyboard on my droid4. I'm really terrible with the onscreen touchboards. Really, really terrible. Which makes onscreen touchboards not good for work emails, posting in web forums, etc. The hard keyboard makes me able to type anything at all. As the market seems to be moving away from built-in keyboards, a optional, modular hard keyboard, would be great for those of us that need them, without forcing them onto the larger market public, or to be stuck with an otherwise tremendously mediocre smartphone just to get the only one with a keyboard on it.

I myself am a big fan of modular design. I've even long wished for a very modular laptop, such that I could pick my case, pick my motherboard, pick my GPU, etc. like people like me do when building desktops or towers. Some laptop equivalent of the ATX standard...

Comment: it's good for a work phone number (Score 1) 166

by amigabill (#46495557) Attached to: Goodbye, Google Voice

I'm home office. We just moved. I don't have to get a lot of customers to update my contact info, my phone number stays the same.

Sometimes I go into the corporate office. My work number rings my desk phone there too.

My work number rings my home office phone, my corporate office desk phone, and my cell phone. My cell phone is not a great only phone. Since the demise of flip-phones, people tend to have a hard time hearing me on "candybar" style smartphones that do not get long enough to reach both my ear and my voice.

In my case, it's convenient.

I've never used transcripting or anything else. To me, it's only a phone number. I have seen a few voicemail transcripts from GV. Tremendously terrible. Not worth seeing again, so that feature is disabled.

Comment: I thought this was the case a whlie ago (Score 1) 358

by amigabill (#46486639) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

For some reason I thought the current almost-everyone using microUSB cable was exactly such a requirement form Europe, but that they had for some reason let Apple out of it. And that's why new Samsungs use the microUSB instead of their previous custom connector on my old texting feature phone for example. I'm happy to see a real standard being done, at the same time as I'm surprised that this requirement is new news.

Comment: Legal ROMs for emulators (Score 2) 45

by amigabill (#46410237) Attached to: Website Simulates Amiga OS

You can buy licenses at

You can also buy legit ROM licenses for Android based emulators at

The open-source AmigaOS-alike named AROS includes their own ROM equivalents now as well. (Be careful! WinUAE has old ROM included, Aros Vision needs newer ones (included in directiry “boot” of the distribution))

Comment: Obviuos question - Who else is infected? (Score 1) 137

by amigabill (#45986333) Attached to: Target Credit Card Data Was Sent To a Server In Russia

OK, so there's a lot of talk about this situation at Target. At least that one is discovered and allegedly fixed. Do these pranksters only target one store chain? Was this the easiest one to get into, and they are happy with that for now? Or are other stores similarly compromised, but either have not gone public, or do not know it yet?

Comment: Re:Too bad it's a C++ library... (Score 1) 147

by amigabill (#45397917) Attached to: WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

There's nothing wrong with C++. However, I do my programing in C (without the ++), and would love have something like this available that I could link to my C programs.

Excellent! There is some opportunity for you to create a C layer onto the C++ subsystem, then you yourself as well as others can benefit from that. :)

Comment: Re:Is it still relevant? (Score 1) 147

by amigabill (#45397909) Attached to: WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

The main reason for me to be interested in wxWidgets is the apps that use it.

I'm interested in KiCad, therefore I'm interested in wxWidgets. Audacity, etc...

I'm also interested in Qt, GTK, etc. as well. For example, I'm interested in GTKwave, therefore I'm interested in GTK... And so forth.

Comment: Make DST permanent! (Score 1) 462

by amigabill (#45350577) Attached to: Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like

Instead of ending DST permanently, I'd make it the permanent standard time instead of winter Standard Time. I have too much schedule requirement to do it nowadays, but for a handful of years a while back, when I did not have any particular requirements on any particular things my clock said, or anyone else's clock said, I stayed on the summer Daylight Savings Time as my own personal standard. This was great. I had an hour more daylight in the afternoon than other people did, which is way more valuable to me than early morning sunlight that burns before I wake up. Down with EST, and up with EDT for the win!!

Comment: Re:This made me use Internet Explorer (Score 1) 362

by amigabill (#45218585) Attached to: Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well

Considering how my university has this VPN connection things set up for us students to use, I don't really have much choice but to use Java.

Also, my credit union''s online banking makes heavy use of Java. I don't know why, but I can't change that, and I really don't have any say in that matter either.

You can poke fun at me all you want, and say that I need to change banks or universities due to their IT choices, but that really isn't a practical answer.

I do use NoScript. Does that help the situation, or is it a do-nothing warm fuzzy bound to doom me? At least I'm trying to minimize my risk while keeping functionality where I need it.

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