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Comment Re:Self-Selection? (Score 1) 252

I don't think the OP was talking about people who use their real names. Taking Slashdot as an example, I think that examples like girlintraining or Gaygirlie are what was being referred to, the latter of which also decided to use her username to reveal her sexuality in addition to her gender. People who use their real names aren't doing so necessarily to point out their gender, they're just using their real name. People who use an anonymous username that reveals their gender apparently think that everyone should specifically be aware of their gender, as if that matters.

Comment Re:Also eliminated grammar (Score 1) 373

After so many years of the Slashdot management seeming fairly hands-off (after the initial sale, anyway), it's great to see an active effort here. I'm glad that you guys are looking at what people are saying and responding to issues, that's a great sign. There might have been a Q&A thread that I missed, but are there any plans to add support for Unicode? What about the "APK problem", are you guys looking at possible solutions for things like that?

Comment Re:IRS = ObamaCare (Score 2) 83

In case you're curious, this is how APK spent his day yesterday. I see about 7 waking hours throughout the day when he was not trolling Slashdot, although I may have missed a few posts. All times are correct at least for my timezone. The vast majority of these are replies to you (that's how it's easy to find them - just go through your post history and he's there like stink on shit), some of the ones late at night were trolling replies to me. This is who we're dealing with. Something tells me that this is not a one-off thing for him, I think this is his normal day. He goes online and trolls all day, and spends a few hours to eat, shit, masturbate, play games, etc.

Note this is only for yesterday. He's back today continuing his crap flood and I haven't even included any of those posts, these are just for the 9th (my time).


Comment Re:Password Security 101 (Score 3, Funny) 83

Since when do systems allow brute-force attacks on PIN numbers? Many systems have been locking out (or slowing down) logins after a certain number of failed attempts for a long time now.

Yes, and obviously the IRS is using such a system. They have a rule in their firewall which says something like "if the IP address makes 100,000 requests within a minute, then block it." Boom, problem solved. Intrusion Detection systems have come a long way, and the IRS is leading the way.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 269

I don't think their position is naive. People who block ads might be more savvy than the general population, but those people have also gone out of their way specifically to block ads. It's true that they do hate advertising, or at least the practical effects of it (slow page loading, possible malware, etc).

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 269

Sadly, they've caught on to this and now don't even serve up the answer on the page.

Is that why I don't see them on Google any more?

I seem to remember blocking from appearing in my search results on Google if I'm logged in, but I don't even see a place where I can manage that list now.

Comment Re:Hear hear! (Score 2) 269

It's definitely a good start.

Our belief is that if someone doesn't like them, and they won't click on them, any impressions served to them will only annoy them-- plus, serving ads to people who won't click on them harms campaign performance.

This is a really good point that I haven't seen other sites make. They're right about it, especially the "campaign performance". If 20% of the user base is not going to click on an ad anyway, then why bother padding the numbers to say you served ads to that additional group? Just don't serve them ads, and then your click-through rate improves because you've cut out a chunk of people who aren't going to click on them anyway. That might make the numbers for the overall ad campaign better, which may increase the rates that they can then charge for ads in the future, because they have a higher clickthrough rate.

Therefore: allowing ad-blockers onto your site increases your advertising revenue. Suck it, Forbes.

Comment Re:Repeat after me: Vivaldi, Vivaldi, VIVALDI! (Score 1) 113

When did you try it? It sounds like they released the first beta in the beginning of November, the second beta in the middle of December, and they've been working on bug fixes since then. Their blog has several posts through January and this month talking about all of the fixes and improvements they're doing. The posts have well over 100 comments each, so people are actively helping them test. It sounds like they're trying to hit a deadline but I don't see any release date mentioned for the first stable version. I'll switch to Vivaldi regardless whenever the Opera deal goes through, but hopefully they're able to push out a good stable version by then. They show a lot of promise, so some random transsexual person online saying it sucks because they tried a pre-release version at some undetermined point in the future isn't exactly a great argument against using the browser (if you're wondering why it matters that you're a random "transsexual" person instead of just a random person, I would ask why you feel the need to point that fact out). I installed a version when it was initially announced and wasn't all that impressed, it had basic browser functionality, but I'm glad that they are working on it. I'm glad that anyone is working on alternative browsers, the more choice the better. The Brave browser looks interesting as well, but they just started distributing their own binaries instead of linking people to Github so they're probably a little farther behind the Vivaldi team in terms of getting to a stable version. But having features built-in to specifically block tracking and advertising is something that hopefully other people decide to emulate.

Comment Re:Amicusnycl, answer a question (lol)... apk (Score 1) 261

APK, you are pathetic. Truly pathetic. Grow the hell up man, get a fucking grip on yourself. You're trolling me and several other people, all day, literally. That's how you spend your time? What the hell is wrong with you? Get a grip and fuck off with the constant trolling.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 523

I don't think anyone is holding back anything. The gear shifters in question, introduced in the Charger and 300 in 2012, have been replaced in those 2 cars for 2015 and were replaced in the Cherokee for 2016. They already got replaced and now they're being investigated because they are "not intuitive" and offer "poor tactile and visual feedback to the driver, increasing the potential for unintended gear selection." Fiat Chrysler was probably generally aware of that, which is why they replaced them, but they're still being investigated anyway.

If they try for progress and fail there's no reason why we shouldn't try to learn whatever lessons we can from their failure.

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