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Comment How many times are you searching? (Score 1) 81

If we define the genome being searched as the pool, and the string being searched for as the key; The paper could be completely correct when there is no reuse of the pool or keys. If you search the same pool for multiple different keys I can think of ways to pre-process the pool such that the first search + pre-process time still obeys the performance constraints their paper outlines, but subsequent searches of the same pool for a different key could happen in O log n time, or even constant time.

EPA To Overhaul Emissions Testing In the Wake of VW Cheating 203

New submitter kheldan writes with this snippet from The Consumerist: A week after ordering Volkswagen to recall 500,000 vehicles that contain "defeat devices" designed to cheat emissions tests, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would overhaul its compliance processes to ensure vehicles meet standards not only in controlled environments but in real-world driving conditions, and adds What may be the story-behind-the-story here, are the two Elephants in the Room: One, how many other automakers in the world have been 'gaming' the system like German automakers apparently have been all along, and Two, are these changes to the certification process at the USEPA going to 'trickle down' to the state and local levels, affecting routine emissions testing of individual vehicles? Questions peripheral to these may include: How much is this going to affect new vehicle prices in the future, and how much is this going to affect the fair market value of used vehicles?

Comment Re:Subject (Score 5, Insightful) 307

I've always found the "I only block ads because of tracking/overly intrusive animations/malware" perspective inadequate. Fine, yes, that's enough reason to block them, but do you really consider that the only one?

Personally I find advertising and marketing undesirable in and of themselves, and I'll block any and all forms of advertising for as long as it's technically feasible for me to do so.

It kind of freaks me out that anybody actually thinks they should feel guilty for blocking advertising. I know I'm going to be way to the left of the majority here on this, but I see advertising as nothing more or less than corporate propaganda, often designed to make me feel bad about who I am and give me the impression that some companies product will make me feel better about myself.

Everybody spouts the "I don't click on ads, they don't affect me" line. I always said "advertising doesn't effect me", but I'm not sure any more that that's really true. I remember one of the first times I was consciously aware of this effect as a teenager, standing in line at a shop. There were two, basically identical, chocolate bars next to the checkout, one of which was heavily marketed towards women, the other towards a more male demographic. Obviously, as a man, I almost instinctively picked up the one marketed towards me. And afterwards it just kind of struck me "why the hell did I do that, I know both of those wrappers almost certainly contain chemically identical substances". I came to the conclusion that , I'd almost subconsciously chosen the one marketed at males, for fear that the man working the checkout would think me somehow odd for making the other choice.

If you think about that's how advertising really works. It doesn't seek to get you to believe anything at all about $product, because that's way too hard, you're not an idiot, right? It seeks to convince you that all the other idiots out there already believe $thing about $product and will judge you on that basis. Enough of that belief will create the fact. Hence the society you see around you, where people work long hours doing stupid and destructive things in some bizzare quest to acquire products to achieve and maintain social status.

I see advertising as a campaign of propaganda directed against us, for most of us that campaign started before we were old enough to think. I believe that campaign has profound effects on us and our society far beyond merely irritating us while browsing the internet or influencing a purchasing decision towards one product or another. I'd encourage anyone to try and limit the reach of this campaign towards themsleves and their children for their own psychological wellbeing.

Comment Re:Class-Action time? (Score 1) 268

The last HP I bought went through a bunch of ink and didn't even print good photos. Always left ugly streaks and the firmware was flaky. Switched to a Lexmark laser printer and couldn't be happier about it. Ink is still overpriced but it lasts longer and works much better.

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