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Comment Re:Mainstream media reviews are baffling (Score 1) 191

Oh, I agree that Pogue is terrible. I've seen him use the terms memory and storage interchangeably too often to have much respect for the technical details of his work but he's been a fairly consistent MS basher / Apple fanboy for years now so to just see that he doesn't hate Win10 is a huge mile stone.

Comment Re:Only because it is free. (Score 1) 191

I doubt we'll ever see numbers reported for people reverting but the way they're reporting numbers now is very different from the past. In the past we'd only get how many licenses were sold into the channel. These are confirmed installs which for an upgrade is huge. People (normals) almost never upgrade their OS. They almost always wait until they get a new system that just comes with the new OS. This is huge.

Comment Re:Mainstream media reviews are baffling (Score 1) 191

Tech journalism isn't really any better than regular journalism but when even people like David Pogue are grudgingly admitting that it's pretty good, that says something. Win8 clearly got a lot of things wrong. Win10 not only fixes them put moves things forward. Two of my systems are hybrid laptop / tablet things. The way Win10 easily moves back and forth between those two worlds is really great.

Comment Re:Only because it is free. (Score 1) 191

Nope. I could afford to buy a Mac if I wanted one. My wife is free to get a Mac if she wants one. I could also use Linux if I wanted. I go back and try it again every few years to see how it's coming along. I stick with Windows because I like it better than the other options. Lots and lots (most) of people are just like me.

The little upgrade thing in the system tray is hardly in your face. It's no more noticeable than the Action Center flag yet I often see it with active messages and people just don't seem to care. I've talked with many users that were eager to try Win10 and like what they see.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 3, Interesting) 191

That install me button pissed me off at first but it's actually brilliant. I normally do the updates for systems around my house but when I went to upgrade my wife's laptop she said "Oh, I did that already. Just clicked the button. It was easy."

She's a smart person but upgrading the OS is normally outside her comfort level. They really did a nice job making the process not just easy but approachable.

Comment I would travel and learn (Score 1) 774

I'd travel for a while but I'd also go back to school and learn a bunch of stuff I never thought I'd have time to learn. I'd become a pilot. I'd learn to scuba dive. I'd browse through class catalogs and just start taking classes that sound interesting or travel and take classes from professors I find interesting.

Comment Re:Be hostile back ... (Score 2) 124

I think the grandparent post is completely wrong. We need to fight this on 2 fronts: Technically with encryption *everywhere* (even dram contents -- a DMA controller / IO processor should *never* see plaintext), and politically -- advocating against the surveillance state, voting for politicians who reign it in where ever possible.

(In Canada, in my opinion, this means your obvious choice in the next election is the NDP. They took Alberta, they can take Ottawa.)

Breaking the "rules" as the grandparent post advocates will be *very* counter productive, and will only invite *more* abuses, not less.

Comment Re:need moar encryption (Score 2) 124

Even the *cables* and patch cords can have bugs hidden in the connectors. Trust *nothing*. Encrypt everything -- I think outside sram caches on the CPU there should be no unencrypted data at all -- even dram contents should be encrypted.

Of course Key generation and distribution will be the soft underbelly for NSA, CSEC, GCHQ et al to feast on.

But as you point out, give yourself the "reasonable expectation of privacy" that encrypting everything will allow you to claim in court. Force them to tip their hand with actions. Make "parallel" construction so hard it looks laughably obvious. Make un-targeted surveillance prohibitively expensive. Make targeted spying hard enough and costly enough that they'll only use it against real adversaries and not their own citizens and dissidents / political opposition.

It seems to be the only answer and the only way we'll hold on to the freedoms that so many of our grandparents fought, bled, and died for.

Comment Re:need moar encryption (Score 1) 124

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