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Comment Re:Crap. (Score 5, Informative) 152

Like you, I use Linux professionally as well as at home, as a developer and user of many CAD and development tools. I've deployed it in embedded environments in a number of scientific intsruments. I simply don't recognise your experience. So I guess YMMV, but you need to take some anger management classes or change career.

Comment Re: Supported formats (Score 1) 45

I can't see any evidence to supprot the claim that it's based on Android. suggests you can write apps in Qt, so presumably there's no Dalvik, JVM etc: With the arrival of the Ubuntu SDK, apps can be written to work on all Ubuntu form-factors: it’s the same Ubuntu OS on the desktop and on the phone, so a single native application can work on both. Which means you re-use most of the app when you add support for a new form-factor.

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