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Comment Re:Facepalm. (Score 5, Insightful) 63 63

That's a determination that the device and/or user should make, not some website that doesn't know all the facts. This is the same type of thinking that led to some Youtube changes that piss me off. "We've detected that your connection is sub optimal so instead of buffering the video we've made the video entirely unwatchable."

Comment Re:Great tool for insurance companies, too (Score 2) 74 74

The flu isn't really a great example for "risky behavior." I would be surprised if I've been exposed to less than 50 strains of the flu virus and I go 3-5 years between being sick with the flu or similar on average. The flu is mostly just a symptom of a life-style that involves being around other people.

Comment hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 126 126

For one thing, the tickets capture seats that will go unused, and an airline would have no way to sell those unused seats.

So they're arguing that because the customer doesn't use a seat they paid for thus preventing them from reselling it to someone else that they can't resell it to someone else.


Comment I don't know what to think (Score 5, Interesting) 407 407

I am completely and totally for letting people have the freedom to do whatever drugs they want to. The war on drugs has been a blight on our civilation long enough

That being said, a world where taking things like adderall to compete in the employment world is not only accepted but possibly even expected scares the shit out of me.

Comment It's done on purpose (Score 1) 368 368

A lot of sci-fi has its roots in an earlier era where it was risky to question the way things were. Authors of the time got around this by setting everything in an alien setting to disguise what it really was. Most sci-fi to this day continues the tradition of being more about social commentary than getting things accurate.

Comment Re:What is it? (Score 1) 80 80

This is a very good point. There's a very active campaign going on to confuse people about net neutrality. I've gotten into enough arguments with people that actually agreed with me but had been misled by some of these campaigns that I have to ask people what they think it is before we talk about it.

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