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Comment Re:Financial Loss (Score 1) 702

Producing currency isn't what makes more money. Unless it's in response to deflation making physical currency causes inflation and removes value from the economy until goods and/or services are produced to re balance or reverse the inflation. Unless we're seeing deflation the production of currency is a financial loss. When the government produces more physical currency they don't make more money, they simply spread out the value of the existing money a little farther.

Comment Financial Loss (Score 1) 702

...costs of the penny and nickel exceed their face value resulting in financial losses to the U.S. Mint.

All coins result in a financial loss. They're not selling them as a product. They only act as a temporary placeholder for financial resources until they're lost/damaged/replaced.

Comment Avoidance (Score 5, Insightful) 85

Sounds to me like it's just avoiding the core issue; the boss is a terrible boss and should be replaced. Of course if the company is just rotten to begin with all the way up the management chain you can't really expect this to happen. In that case you should try distancing yourself from the whole company instead of just the management.

Comment Re: Really? Quicktime? Seriously? (Score 1) 320

You mean there's no supported and regularly updated version of Safari for Windows. Just because Apple stopped supporting it on Windows doesn't mean it was completely wiped out of existence.

In fact, people running older unsupported versions of Safari actually fits right into the vibe of what this article is all about

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