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Comment: Re:An old Tektronix is fine for a modern engineer (Score 4, Informative) 337

by altzone (#33134402) Attached to: Oscilloscopes For Modern Engineers?
$2000 is a LOT to spend on a scope if you have to ask such a question. Depends on the specs you need, but I'd get a cheaper one and spend the rest of your money on some other gear. The Rigol DS1052E at $400 is by far the best bang-per-buck. I have a review of it, a teardown, and info on how to hack it to a 100MHz version here: I also compare PC based and bench oscilloscopes here: and There is no need to get a PC based oscilloscope unless you have a specific need for one. Regards Dave EEVblog

+ - Microsoft's Instaload Battery Technology Patent->

Submitted by altzone
altzone (1714324) writes "Microsoft’s new Instaload battery technology allows batteries to be inserted into a product either way around:

Is it one of those brilliant “why didn’t anyone think of that before” moments, or just another silly patent on a really obvious idea?
Is it workable in practice?
Dave Jones from the EEVblog ponders these questions in his latest video blog, and ask viewers if they can bust Microsoft's patent by finding prior art before May 26th, 2006

Check out the Patent for yourself:"

Link to Original Source

+ - Serial port command hack for Rigol Oscilloscope->

Submitted by altzone
altzone (1714324) writes "Clever EEVblog viewers have figured out how to send a few simple serial port commands to turn the cheap Rigol DS1052E 50MHz oscilloscope into the more expensive 100MHz DS1102E model.
It turns out Rigol left the barn door wide open and didn't adequately protect their "crippled" low cost 50MHz model, which actually has identical hardware to more expensive 100MHz model.
Change the model number and serial number via the serial port, and Rigol's firmware switches the hardware filter bit and 100MHz bandwidth is all yours!"

Link to Original Source

+ - Microchip CEO has a sense of humour-> 1

Submitted by altzone
altzone (1714324) writes "Video Blogger David Jones from the EEVblog reviewed Microchips PICkit3 Microcontroller Programmer, and pretty much completely savaged it and the people behind it.
Expecting either deathly silence or a cease and desist letter from the multi-billion dollar corporation's lawyers, Jones got a phone call from the CEO thanking him for the honest review.
Within a day Microchip posted a video response showing that big corporations can have a sense of humour and not take themselves too seriously occasionally."

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