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Comment Exactly why i like the Mario Games (Score 1) 462

6 to 15 hours is the sweet spot for me. The Mario games are great examples of the right amount of challenge and time invested into the game.

I used to LOVE the Zelda games, back when i could figure them out and finish one of them from start to finish in 10 hours. The newest one on the Wii though I never got all the way through. The puzzles were more challenging than I wanted, there was too much travelling, and the game was WAY too long.

I want puzzles, but i don't want to spend an hour having to figure them out or wandering back and forth across the level trying to find something the developer hid under a rock just to make the game last longer.

I'm currently playing Dante's Inferno and its a good mix of mindless hack and slash and mindlessly easy puzzles.

Comment Re:Webmin (Score 1) 209

Just be sure to turn off the root user, setup the SSL, and change the port number to something else. I also like to limit webmin to a list of known IP addresses via its admin interface AND in iptables.

Been using Webmin for longer than i can remember.

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