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Comment: Exactly why i like the Mario Games (Score 1) 462

by altp (#32096180) Attached to: Do Gamers Want Simpler Games?

6 to 15 hours is the sweet spot for me. The Mario games are great examples of the right amount of challenge and time invested into the game.

I used to LOVE the Zelda games, back when i could figure them out and finish one of them from start to finish in 10 hours. The newest one on the Wii though I never got all the way through. The puzzles were more challenging than I wanted, there was too much travelling, and the game was WAY too long.

I want puzzles, but i don't want to spend an hour having to figure them out or wandering back and forth across the level trying to find something the developer hid under a rock just to make the game last longer.

I'm currently playing Dante's Inferno and its a good mix of mindless hack and slash and mindlessly easy puzzles.

Comment: Buy patch in bulk, make custom lengths, fix broken (Score 1) 837

by altp (#27729657) Attached to: Handmade vs. Commercially Produced Ethernet Cables

We buy 5, 7, and 10' patch cables in bulk.

If we need anything longer or shorter we'll make it ourselves.

For cables that are circulated to the public (university library), we have our student workers fix the ends on them a couple of times then pitch them and replace them.

Comment: I would ride the rail if ... (Score 1) 1385

by altp (#27612901) Attached to: Obama Proposes High-Speed Rail System For the US

... it was cheaper than driving.

If its not cheaper than driving or flying, then no I wouldn't use it.

If it's cheaper i'm all for it. But as long as driving is cheaper than rail, i'll keep driving. I was looking at a cross country trip earlier this week. Its cheaper to drive or fly than take the train.

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