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Comment: Copyright Infringement? (Score 2) 307

by alphred (#43191437) Attached to: Should We Be Afraid of Google Glass?
So what happens if you wear Google Glasses to the movies or a sporting event where you could be transmitting events/data that is protected by some other entity's precious copyright? Will they really allow people to transmit images/replays of the events on the field? How would they prohibit that?

Also, what if you go into a private area and still have the glasses on - even if it's not intentional? I'm specifically thinking of that time, many years ago, that I drunkenly wandered into the women's room at Wrigley Field...

Comment: Re:Personally, I like year based versions (Score 1) 460

by alphred (#41302873) Attached to: Why Are Operating System Version Names So Absurd?
The problem with that is when someone names the not-yet-released product and then it comes out late. I remember that Nantucket's Clipper used to have names like 'Spring 84' and 'Summer 85'. This worked well until 'Summer 86' came out in December of 86. The next release was something like 'Clipper 5.0'.

Comment: Re:Star Wars 2.0 (Score 2) 319

by alphred (#41171373) Attached to: Russia Wants a Hypersonic Bomber
You've got it backwards. America's only real enemy now is it's own paranoia. It is the one sinking "billions upon billions" into weapons and systems that they will probably never use. The rest of the world (Russians, Iranians, random terrorists, whatever) only has to keep promoting semi-plausible "threats" that cause more spending and the inevitable bankruptcy that will follow.

A strategy that worked great for America in the Cold War and is now working against them.

Comment: Re:The reason for the start page (Score 1) 404

by alphred (#41085887) Attached to: Former Xerox PARC Researcher: Windows 8 Is a Cognitive Burden

...because users will no longer want to run traditional desktop apps anymore, it'll seem too complicated.

You mean apps like Word and Excel? Somehow, I don't think MS wants it's customers to stop running apps like those. Unless they really think people are going to move to the cloud-based versions.

Comment: Re:What is wrong with paper? (Score 1) 386

by alphred (#41014745) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Protecting Data From a Carrington Event?
In the early 80's I once asked a friend of mine, who was good at scrounging, if he could find me some 'cheap mass storage'. I should have said 'cheap hard drive', which is what I wanted.

He brought me back a paper tape punch device. No reader, just the puncher. Also, he could only find about 50 ft of paper tape. He was slightly indignant when I didn't take them off his hands.

I have always wondered if he ever made it work with his Apple ][.

Comment: They've just moved the fear (Score 2) 1174

by alphred (#39805821) Attached to: TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl
Instead of being afraid of terrorists, we are now afraid of the TSA. I guess it's just trading one form of terrorism for another. Since the TSA has come around, I have refused to take my children on vacations that involve going through airports. Sorry Disney World, you're too far away to drive. We've been going to local attractions which have been just as much fun, if not more interesting. Nothing like family bonding on a camping trip!

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