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Comment Only this one thing (Score 2) 213

If it's ONLY the one cable company that is using her name I'd say the problem here is with that cable company. I'd get on the local (to them) news with how little they care about dealing with identity issues. Bet the problem goes away after that. Have you run a credit report to confirm there isn't anything else odd? It seems unlikely that her ID would be used only for cable...

Comment RIM Fan here (Score 5, Informative) 349

I use a Blackberry (Bold 9900) by choice. A few reasons:

- I love the keyboard!
- Unified inbox; everything is in one spot.
- Different modes; EG: when I go to bed I have a mode called "bedtime" that only alerts me if something important from someone important comes in.
- Contact based alerts. So during the day when I'm at work my phone will only "ring" if it's my mom (she has cancer, so lay off) or my wife (only calls if it's important, sends a text otherwise).
- Canadian company. Home country pride :)

Yes there is a lack of apps and yes, the Java based OS does sometimes show me the lovely hourglass but for me, it works.

As for other phones, I have looked but not willing to move at this time. I am very excited for BB10 and hope it will allow RIM to mount some kind of comeback.

I have never been randomly made fun of for my phone. Sure friends and co-workers will sometimes poke fun; but it's people I know.

Finally; it's just a phone people - there are bigger things in life to worry about.

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