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Comment: Re:He continues to show himself to be ... (Score 2) 230

I'd say it's pretty smart for shareholders if the tech takes off and he sees compatible fast charging stations nationwide. Imagine is one of the early car manufacturers had held on to the patent for the gasoline nozzle, we might all be riding trains for cross country trips.

Comment: Re:Latency is also important (Score 2) 279

by alphaminus (#44558655) Attached to: When it comes to (download) bandwidth needs, I require..
Yeah, I have a client that went from 10Mbps to 85Mbps, but their latency tripled and they started complaining about delay on their VoIP calls and dropped Citrix connections. I have a gamer friend who kept his Cable Modem over FiOS, because it had lower latency and he claimed that 10ms was enough to make the difference between being killed online and killing the other guy.

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