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Comment: some people just don't have fingerprints (Score 5, Interesting) 323

by alphaFlight (#28128117) Attached to: Cancer Patient Held At Airport For Missing Fingerprints

My wife had to get a special exemption to sit for the bar exam because the state police couldn't take her fingerprints, which were necessary for conducting the required criminal background check. She has no idea why her fingerprints are virtually nonexistent.

Comment: Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 1) 612

by alphaFlight (#26622123) Attached to: Microsoft Says H-1B Workers Among Those Losing Jobs
My immigration lawyer wife informs me that recent layoffs are not a factor when applying for *new* H1-B applications. HOWEVER, if and when a company decides to petition for permanent residency (aka, green card) for a H1-B holder, the company must prepare a declaration explaining why any recently laid-off employees would be unsuitable for the permanent position that will be filled by the person adjusting from H1-B to permanent resident status. Therefore, there is at least some protection for laid-off employees. I do agree that this protection should be strengthened to eliminate the possibility of abusive employment practices.

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