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Comment Re:Wifi (Score 1) 214

GV uses data service. If you're mobile, it's sending over 3G/EDGE. At home it uses wifi. My usage statement last month showed 245MB data usage Vs only 9 minutes of airtime used. That was for calls that came to my cell phone directly, that didn't dial my GV number.

Comment Re:Ill placed worries (Score 1) 425

I fit into this category. I was taking summer school at the local community college so that I could take AP classes the follow school year.
In California, we have an exam called the High School equivalency exam. I took this test at 16, and by the time I was 17 I was a college freshman.

On top of that, the school I went to was on the trimester system, so I had a Bachelors of Science by the time I was 20.

My HS classmates at that time were probably in their second year in college by that time.

I would have greatly appreciated having the opportunity to "Walk" with graduating class that year (or what would have been my year), it sounds like this plan would allow over-achievers like myself to have the best of both worlds.

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