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Comment: Re:Ill placed worries (Score 1) 425

by alop (#31189582) Attached to: New Plan Lets Top HS Students Graduate 2 Years Early

I fit into this category. I was taking summer school at the local community college so that I could take AP classes the follow school year.
In California, we have an exam called the High School equivalency exam. I took this test at 16, and by the time I was 17 I was a college freshman.

On top of that, the school I went to was on the trimester system, so I had a Bachelors of Science by the time I was 20.

My HS classmates at that time were probably in their second year in college by that time.

I would have greatly appreciated having the opportunity to "Walk" with graduating class that year (or what would have been my year), it sounds like this plan would allow over-achievers like myself to have the best of both worlds.

Comment: Clarification (Score 2, Informative) 608

by alop (#31187682) Attached to: Suggestions For a Coax-To-Ethernet Solution?

Just wanted to clarify that Ethernet refers to a standard, not a cable. You can have ethernet over UTP, coax, fiber, etc...

If the coax in your walls is RG6, that's probably better than Cat5.
Homes with Fios or UVerse have nifty little coax to rj45 boxes that allow for the home networking setup.

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