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Comment I want one (Like Many) (Score 1) 304

It is interesting how lots of people want something, they want it built to last but all people sell is cheap garbage. This is the geek version of the Mom's who can't find clothes for their kids at Target. Lots of people want it, but manufacturers don't make what we want. Can anyone explain why? Isn't there a market for high quality things?

Comment Data will get you jailed (Score 4, Interesting) 722

1. Will you still be drving drunk if you have your autonomous car drive you home after a night of drinking? 2. What if you are driving link and ass and rear-end someone, will they be able to use that data against you? What if both people are at fault? 3. Who's going to absorb the liability for these cars when something unexpected breaks? The large automotives are going to drag their feet for years on self-driving cars. Their will need to be a lot of testing in real life before they mass produce any cars.

Comment Forwarding tio the grave..... (Score 1) 217

When my dad passed away in 1997 he had a lot of debt and many many many mail-order catalogs and magazines sent to our house. It got to be quite a chore to go to the Post Office and pick up a bin of mail every few months when I was in town (I traveled a lot at that time). So I forwarded his mail from our P.O. Box to the cemetery where he was at. In our small town of ~6000 it didn't take long for me to get a call from the caretaker from the cemetery asking me to stop it. People in my family still think it's funny because they knew how much he looked forward to getting those magazines.

Comment Re:More than 150? Seriously? (Score 1) 217

I learned it is also not a good idea to tell them that the person is dead (at least if you know/like them). My brother almost got arrested when he went to buy a new car because they thought he had stolen his own identity. I guess one of the many creditors that I had told he was dead reported that back to some credit bureau that he was dead. When the dealer ran his credit they were advised to call the police which they did and he was “detained” until he had proven that he was indeed still alive.

Comment Healthcare is not the government's business (Score 1) 405

Have you seen how governments run things? Tell me one thing the government has run that is cost effective and reliable. That's what I want in health care, not what the government can mandate me to do for/with my body. Some examples: Apollo program - Reliable but not cost effective / Amtrak - Neither cost effective or very reliable (depends where you live) / Post Office - same / National Park Service - same / Congress - Don't get me started..... I've been trying to think of one thing the government does that is cost effective.

Comment Same Here (Score 1) 150

I must be 3 or more of those people, I have a G-mail account for each Android device (tablet is multi-user, 1 phone is strictly for work and 1 phone is for private texts from my wife). As I recently changed services I noticed that I somehow became a G+ member just by signing up a new device. Can I really be counted as I don't participate?

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!