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Comment Re:Surprise! We're a young, violent race (Score 4, Insightful) 151

An individual can act more evolved than the average, and entire populations of people can be just wonderful -- so long as everything is going well for them, there's no problems, and everyone has everything they want or need. But you put populations under stress? The animals that we are inside our skins comes out and you find out what we're really like.

Or to put it another way: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it."

Comment Re:Brutus (Score 2) 353

I don't like Trump. I don't like Sanders. I'd take either of them in a heartbeat over "more of the same"! (Cruz looks less crazy than I'd figured - maybe it's just the contrast with Trump but I'm re-considering him).

I would not vote any at all. If I am asked to choose to eat one of different kind of poo, why should I pick one to eat if I am also allowed to pick none of them? It is stupid to "must pick" one if you can simply "not do it" instead.

Because someone's getting elected whether you vote or not. In your analogy, you have to eat something. Are you going to let everyone else determine what that is for you, when the most popular option so far is poo?

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 421

Trump is just running interference for Hillary, and having a good time trolling the GOP base at the same time. Why doesn't anyone understand that? Any one of us would do the same, in his position.

I'm about 90% sure this is what's going on. It's the most logical explanation, having been a supporter of Hillary historically.

I take offense at your suggestion I'd do the same in his position - I do have principles.

Comment Re:Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

The great thing about solar farms is 50 foot of trees at the edge of the property completely hides them from ground level.

If you live in a region where 50 foot trees grow naturally, then they are a reasonable sight block. In parts of the world, those trees would require assistance to survive, possibly using water that isn't available locally.

I think by "50 foot of trees" GP meant a buffer area measuring 50 feet across, containing trees. Tree height was not specified, although presumably they'd need to be taller than the panels.

Comment Re:Cannot wait until this browser matures. (Score 1) 140

Basically anything with sophisticated Javascript or AJAX. Most Google sites (Maps started reverting to a dumbed-down html version before Google forced the new Maps), Facebook, bank websites, T-Mobile's website, etc. etc. Many, many different websites would show messages along the lines of "upgrade to a modern browser to use this site." It was also really slow and unresponsive especially with many tabs open. (PC is Win7 Pro 64-bit, Core i7 with 16GB RAM, SSD).

The final straw for Opera Chromium was that it stopped handling common MIME types: e.g. you couldn't have it open a PDF with an app (much less in-browser), it forced you to download everything.

So Vivaldi is potentially the best of both worlds - the ethos and usability of Opera Presto, with the speed and compatibility of Blink/V8. I like it so far.

Comment Re:Cannot wait until this browser matures. (Score 1) 140

I've been following the snapshot diligently, and as a huge fan of Presto Opera, it's almost everything that I've been missing (still currently using Opera w/Blink). The one deal-breaker for me is the fact that a few of my absolutely extensions don't work properly.

This. People here don't seem to realize that Vivaldi is the spiritual successor to Opera Presto, which was beloved by its fans in part for the features it offered. When Opera became just another simple Chrome clone, it lost that which made it special.

I hung onto Opera 12.xx as long as possible (until the major websites actively started blocking its user agent), and was so disappointed by Opera Chromium I went to Pale Moon. I've been using Vivaldi occasionally since early preview releases, and lately it's become so stable that it's been my default browser for the last month or two. Performance-wise, it seems faster than most other browsers, taking advantage of Chromium's excellent rendering and Javascript engines.

Features and settings have been constantly added in over time, but you have to remember that it's been in alpha until just now, and as such, is remarkably well-rounded. I expect many of the features people here need (flash blocking etc.) to appear over time, as well as the power features traditional Opera users love.

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